Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Up: Movie Review

When Ellie wrote to Carl thanking him for the greatest adventure in life that he has given her, I felt my heart telling me this subtle sentence: "Give your wife that same pleasure too." And so I learned something new today. And be happy, that this is such a wonderful movie for grown ups and children alike. More so for the adults, and I'll tell you why.

Carl Fredrickson is being evicted. He now lives alone and always have yearned for an adventure with his wife, until she was taken a little too early from him. With the eviction notice coming in, he pumped up so many ballons and set off on an adventure of his dreams to South America. However, Russell, a boy scout had mistakenly tagged along and now their on an adventure. Wonderful occurences go by and I'll let you catch the rest. :P

The shots were simple and the script was witty. The score used is also catchy, even in the various remixes of the same score. And the cast is just lovable.

But to be frank, that's not the main point here. The main is that spirit that the characters show to us. How a little boy learns about life and grows a little older to a teen, and an old man remembering what he was before. Has that happen to any of u? have you forgotten what you set out to do when you were small, but had bogged it out of your head because you were too busy working and trying to just live for the next day? Trust me, it happens a lot to a whole lot of people. And this movie, serves as that perfect reminder for you to remember back what you should do. Not when your old. But right now.

On my view, i still prefer Wall-E than Up, because I know what life has to offer to everyone and you should grasp it as much as you can. Wall-E became a great romantic movie and I am still mesmerized by the dance scene. This movie gave me the short moment that chronicled the life of Carl and Ellie where they were happy together. These 2 moments of the respectives movies are wonderful and is actually more than enough reason for you to be in the film, besides the already wonderful story itself. So go on, get it while you still can. I can assure you will have a wonderful time... :)