Monday, March 30, 2009

12 Rounds: Movie Review

Wow, this was surprising. I never expected anything out of it, but this was a fun ride. I guess the promotion works when they say its from the director of Die Hard 2 and the producer of Speed. This got me shocked as it is a great movie to watch. Sadly, there's no value for a 2nd watch. That's the gripping part.

After Fisher (John Cena) caught Miles Jackson, one of the most wanted felonies in the world, life became hell for him after Miles caught up with him 1 year later. After kidnapping his girlfriend and bombing up their house, Fisher is forced to play a game called "12 Rounds" where he has to endure every single challenge if he wants to see Molly alive.

The plot pacing is intense. It does get you on your feet. The characters are also very likable and strong. Miles presents something similar to the Joker from the Dark Knight, but without the makeup. The supporting cast were also strong and the soundtrack moved things nicely. But there were scenes that were totally laugh out loud funny, and some that you would've expect from an old 90's flick. And like I said, once you've finished the movie, you've known everything and probably would just enjoy it for a one time deal. It is fun from start to finish, but once everything is shown, you'd probably wait for the next action movie to swing by. Good job Cena and crew!

The International: Movie Review

Wow. If only. If only Hollywood wouldn't come and mess things up, I'm pretty this is a great truth to be told. But sadly, I'm also pretty sure people would be bored out. this movie really relates a whole lot to me and what I stand for, and if you totally understand the whole context, you're left with something so grandeur that you'd try your best to get away from it.

The International Bank of Business and Credit is in charge of so many shady deals that its the biggest bank in the whole world to help with arms and munitions. Enter Louis Salinger, a man hell bent on taking the IBBC down. Along the way, twists continue to intertwine and make things a hell lot more worst.

The shots are subpar but the soundtrack is catchy. The plot however would bore people and the censorship can really just shove a foot up their arses. The action is ok though. But like I said, what really mesmerized me is how a reality is presented here. Yes, banks are evil. They don't deal with just arms and munitions. They do a whole lot more. The rest, is up to you to find out.

This movie is great if it got straight to the point on what this reality is about. Otherwise, it really is a miss.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Guitar Hero: Metallica: Xbox 360 Impressions

When it was first revealed as a teaser once you've finished Guitar Hero World Tour, fans were screaming. When the official trailer kicked in, it felt amazing looking at the band perform. And then the 360 demo is available, and gamers got the first little bits of pleasure they've been waiting for so long. This, is Guitar Hero: Metallica!

With that said, it's still Guitar Hero, but with 28 songs from Metallica, and 20 more from guest acts, this one feels meatier than the Aerosmith version. The HUD is tweaked a little bit, and looks nicer IMO. The font is also given a trashy feeling to it, perhaps a tribute to Metallica of some sort. Nothing changed from the World Tour formula, meaning the full band can still be played together with the full kit.

King diamond!!!!

What Activision wants to seperate with this experience is how they want to include Metallifacts. basically, its tidbits from Metallica previous outings like gigs, photos that would pop up during the song being played, although you won't be playing the note charts since you'd be too busy looking at the facts. Don't forget videos and probably music clips would be included and waiting to be unlocked.

Give it everything you've got!

Guest acts should keep you satisfied such as System of a Down (TOXICITY!!!), Alice in Chains, Diamond Head and so on. But what might be of concern to me is that the when playing the guitar, some notes that are missed can still be hit and goes on with a perfect note to it. Apparently, that is not addressed here. Either way, this game will be released on 29th March 2009. And I'm receiving mine next week. So hopefully this will make you all love the fact that with Metallica, Nothing Else Matters. :D

Want the Malay version out of this article, head over here!

Opting for Play-Asia instead? Head on over now!

Guitar Hero Metallica at Play-Asia!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

KOF XII Release Date and JOY!: KOF XII News

I woke up to a huge surprise. My wishing of walking around my usual forum and reading posts got me into a very likely and almost certain surprise. Heading to, that site gave me a shock when Gamestop has actually given a release date for KOF XII on PS3 and 360. And it's 7th fricking, July, fricking, 2009. :P I am pumped, and it's a day one purchase even if there's no PS3 at my house yet, but I'll need to fork out cash. :P

Even more details came into 360 screens from some korean website. The screens show up close how smooth and almost just not pixelated. heck, I can't even see any jaggies on those character models, and those screens are also going to be final shots of the arcade release. Game Informer was also giving more tidbits and extras for the console version. I guess after picking up what Capcom did with it's SF4 release on the PS3 and 360, new characters will be available exclusive to the consoles. And both English and Japanese audio tracks will be available. So, it's no more strictly Japanese, but please don't release a J Pop tune that is English. I screamed in agony when I heard that from SF4. This will also be a first for KOF in 2D series to have English voiceover. The previous one was visible in KOF Maximum Impact 2 or 2006 for the PS2 and Xbox.

But the coolest to me so far is that Game Informer is also reporting that besides having the casual online matches, spectators can also hop in to watch a match (making tournament videos more accessible around the world) or even record it and post it online for others to see. Neat! Also cool is the addition of Online Team Battle. This would mean that 6 different players may control the fate of each time either winning or losing a match! What might be a problem is how the players from around the world would get to play. Hoping that latency and lag does not affect players and the match or a potential disconnect might just be a big problem. Online battles would also enable voice chat and a lobby for matchmaking purposes. Here's to hoping they do it better than SF4 and HD Remix.

So there, a mega update for me that is just great and juicy. I am just hyped learning new systems such as the Deadlock (where a punch meets a punch), Critical Counter (Counter your foe and string a new combo!) and Guard Attack (that same old attack that prevents cheap wins. :D). So, 7TH JULY 2009. Book that KOF XII FANS! :D

Sunday, March 15, 2009

James Brown gets Rock Banded!: Game News

Get up!

So, the Godfather of Soul is getting Rock Banded! Yay! That's great really. His music is awesome no doubt, but, Rock Band, you'd ask why eyh?

Well, they had Snoop Dogg in it long ago, so, why wouldn't this be in this game? He's getting his own 3 song pack for 6 bucks and if you love his Soul style, you'd get it, and be that sex machine! :P

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Street Fighter History

IGN made an article about the history of Street Fighter about a month ago from now. I can't believe I missed it. So, to make sure no one else does, here goes that 8 page history that detailed from the beginning of the games roots, to its sequels, and to the latest Street Fighter 4. If you love fighting games, don't give this a miss.

I'm tempted to write about KOF's history, but that'll wait. :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

2009 to be Year of Fighting?: Game News

Many of us probably have sampled Street Fighter 4 on either the PS3, 360, or even at the Arcades. The upcoming would be in the PC versions. But is that the end of the games in the fighting genre that will be coming out? hell no. Lots more are coming on the way.

As I've hyped before, King Of Fighters XII is also on it's way, releasing on the 10th of April 2009. The console versions will also be coming soon in July for both 360 and PS3. If I remember correctly, it would be a US release, so make sure to book July for KOF XII if you're a fan. You'll be given a huge treat with the revamp system and gorgeous 2D graphics.

Another peculiar title coming after the launch of KOF XII is Blazblue. Many may not know what the game is about, but it's developed by those responsible for the fun Guilty Gear series. This game also brings in 2D graphics to the foray and since it's a new title, perhaps a different way of playing the game. We can only hope for the best.

And at the end of the year, you'd be pleased to know that Tekken 6 will be making its way to both PS3 and 360 consoles. The game will be based on the Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion from the arcades meaning more subtle graphical touches and the inclusion of 2 new characters (Lars Anderson and Alexis Bosconovitch, if I got them both correct).

You just can't help but realize that the fighting genre is making a comeback after all those years of absence. Well ladies and gentlemen, polish your sticks. I can't wait to challenge you guys when the opportunity comes in. :)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Nintendo DSi: First Impressions

The Nintendo DSi is the 2nd revision of the popular Nintendo DS console (The First being Nintendo DS Lite.). So, with the DSi, some new perks were added. You get 2 new cameras on the front and inside the the DSi. I think the outside is 1.3 MP, and the inside is, well, much smaller. You also get an SD card slot for you to view pictures and listen to music. So yeah, there's that added support and then the DSiWare, small things that are downloadable to the DSi for you to poke fun with.

With the photo feature, snapping shots can be fun, and also mesmerizing. you can see yourself manipulate pictures you've taken in so many ways, but the best part would be that you could use the DSi also as a Digital Photo Frame, with slideshow features. The screen might be small, but it still does the job.

Then you got the music feature. You can record your voice and poke fun with it. Or, you could listen to music and tweak with that instead. So, it's a little DJ in your pocket if you like to think of that.

The DSiWare is like WiiWare, software made for the console and you can go and buy what game you desire if its available with Nintendo Points (Wii Points will be changed to that now). The better part of the DSi is that you could also finally surf online, without any Ram cart. Well, that is considering that the GBA slot, is now gone.

The DSi is coming to the states in Spring this year. But those eager to pick it up might find a piece at Play-Asia. But bear in mind it's in Japanese, so the language might give a problem. Have fun!

Helghast Invades Earth, with cupcakes?: PS3 Ads

I guess I'm late in this advertisement, but thanks to Kotaku, I got my shot and I was laughing.

It was funny without a doubt, since the Helghast did come to invade, by giving us sugary goodness. I mean, cupcakes. Who doesn't love cupcakes? Ok some don't but still, it's cupcakes. With cute Helghast cream on it. It's so cute you could go for seconds. :P

The Helghast decided to scare some guys away, and the 0.32 minute was pure gold. It was also funny looking at the Helghast proposing to a Brotherhood of Steel and shoving Snake away. So yeah, this ad worked great to the press alrite and it certainly should charm others. So, watcha waiting for? A cupcake awaits with your Killzone 2 copy! I think... :P

PS: The guys at Guerilla could really add that cupcake in Multiplayer for some fun perks. :P

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

KOF XII Confirmed for PS3& 360 July 2009!: PS3 & 360 News

Kotaku just reported of the trailer blazing in. So again, this is a definite answer to Kick Some Ass and on the PS3 too. I don't see any 360 logo around. So, we'll see what happens regarding the time exclusive. I'd be more interested to see the price point and the features of the game too. SNK Playmore had better go crazy considering Ignition Entertainment sweetened the deal of the KOF 98 Ultimate Match for the PS2 US version. owh, and that one has been released too.

A little update shows that Ignition just confirmed the arrival of KOF XII to PS3 and 360. Best part, its on July 2009. Not good for me as I intend to get my PS3 on August. :P

Play-Asia just got KOF 98 UM US Version in stock. Go crazy!