Monday, December 29, 2008

Rambo: Arcade Hands On

You won't understand what that poster is saying, but that arcade cabinet would damn well tell you that it's a Rambo game where you are John Rambo, the real lone soldier who killed too many damn soldiers during his missions. This is the real Solid Snake or Big Boss. And I lived for a few rounds to tell you what this is all about in the brief hands on.

The game takes you in various flicks showing clips from all 3 Rambo moives (Not including the latest one seen last year). Those clips would progress for you to play certain parts in the movie. And boy does it feel great.

The game employs Red Rambo and Blue Rambo. Either way, you are a badass. The Rage System gives Rambo a boost of invincibility when the meter is full and increased firing range and power when activated anytime during the game. You collect the power in the meter by doing speedy shots, multiple shots and headshots (Classed as Fast, Crack, and Heroic). And the power is really useful during the boss fights and during any part of the game when you feel as awesome as hell.

Certain times, you will be involved and prompted to do certain actions in the game. These segments employ precise accuracy on the shooting mechanics, as this is the part where I really loved a whole lot. If you've ever played the Call of Duty series, the zoom look would be familiar to you. Do it in this game (provided if the cabinet uses the Lindbergh system with the MP5 type of the gun.). You will be surprised how accurate it is. It works best when you need to use Rambo's Bow. And those scenes are also awesome.

My only gripe I'm thinking would be the soundtrack. Somehow, the Hip Hop beat doesn't really match that much. But still, I felt like a badass anyway by the gunshots.

I played this game until the 2nd Round, during the flashback for the scene in Rambo 2. During the play, everything was great in making you feel that you are Rambo. For those who are sick of me blabbering about this game, go find it out at One Utama on the Entertainment Floor. Every game costs RM2 per play. Have fun!

Bedtime Stories: Movie Review

If the stories tell you told came to life, what would you tell? If you were Adam Sandler, you'd want a Ferrari and 100 million bucks. Sadly, that didn't really happen for him, but his stories, did came to life, in miraculous ways, that it definitely was fun, despite some flawed scenes.

Skeeter Bronson (Adam Sandler) works as a janitor, or maybe more precise as a man who fixes a whole lot. So he's been given a duty by his sister (Hey Courtney Cox...) to babysit her kids. And based on how his old man loved to tell bedtime stories, so did he do so to the children. The coolest part was, they came true, in reality form. Now, he's supposed to be managing the hotel, but he isn't. But he got that shot all because of his story. Question is, can he get it?

Obviously another Adam Sandler movie means, more goofy and funny crap thrown at your face. But, this movie has a little family touch to it. So, children and adults alike would love the story and the scenes. I watched this with my GF and her bigger sister. And we had fun laughing at the movie.

The raining gumball scene was a flawed one if you can notice it. And then the later part another scene makes some odd choices on how to progress the story. The cool thing about this movie is how imaginative you can see the children can be, and then the story itself gets applied in reality context. That was actually a very cool way and also shows how stories and reality can end in a happy note.

The reality is harsh, that's for sure. But this movie succeeds in showing how reality can also help you understand that life is still happy if you can make it happy. Recommended for the family and the kids, this will make the adults feel like children once more, and the kids will just keep laughing. Enjoy. :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ip Man: Movie Review

Ip Man was a man who resembles your next door neighbor, very friendly and charming too. Always humble and never goes overboard by being cocky and uptight too. A really friendly man. So, why does he adopt and teach Wing Chun, one of the most popular martial arts in the world?

Donnie Yen takes the role of Ip Man (I must strictly teach that you pronounce his name as yip mun) as the grandmaster of Wing Chun during the early days of the 1935, where Fo Shan was the best place to learn martial arts. Then the Japanese Occupation kicked in where every China man landed to poverty. So, how does Ip Man prevail?

The focus on everybody's mind would be the action sequences in the movie (considering the director is Sammo Hung). But the real one you should be looking at is actually the story. And let me tell you, the story and plot is fantastic. The pacing never bores you (coughdarkkinghtcough), and it truly is an eye opener. As a bonus, you learn what is Wing Chun itself.

I could say many good things about the movie, but there are still some flaws in some scenes. The factory scene has some flaws, but barely noticable. Some shots were done beautifully, but some were also not that great. The depression around the land was done beautifully showing how merciless the Japanese were during the past.

This is for sure a yes movie for me to watch it. So, I won't waste that much of time to tell yout o watch it. But, if you are interested to learn a little bit about Wing Chun, just read a little bit more. :D

Wing Chun was created by a lady. And the best part was, she used Wing Chun to beat a barbarian who wanted her hand in marriage. Ip Man was also one of the students who practiced most of his time with the "wooden man" while also being a humble and a family man. And I think most of us would already know he taught Bruce Lee about Wing Chun.

Wing Chun emphasises the use of the "wooden man" to understand the flow of the energy from the hands. The 3 points (2 above, and 1 below) shows the flow of the energy coming from a person (Based on the use of two hands and 1 leg. Obviously you can attack using two legs to one center point on the low area). The continuous blows should represent how women repeatedly attack in one place as a concenteration point. The harmony is achieve by understanding how to manipulate the flow of the energy from the 3 points. Well, that's pretty much what I can say about Wing Chun. The rest, is for you to discover. :)

Play-Asia is currently offering some very nifty picks for buying Ip Man. You can get the localized version at Speedy and also Rock Corner for a mere RM20, but interested parties of Blu Ray and special DVD editions should be thrilled with what's to offer. Release Date: 13th February

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Monday, December 08, 2008

Los Dan Faun: Movie Review

When was the last time I watched a good Malay movie... Hurm... Let's see... Mukhsin I believe. Yup. That's it. So now, step aside kiddo, Los Dan Faun has taken your glory away and it demands a 2nd watch. Honest. This is really good considering it's a Malay film.

Los and Faun are two good friends from Melaka (Klebang to be precise) looking for a job in KL. Little did they know Faun has an ability that makes him aware of where missing items can be found. Even more amazingly is how he can pin every single source onto the evidence located. Then came to a glitzing watch owned by Soffar al Sogood (yes, that's the name) which is missing and the wife wants the 2 to find it back. Trouble ensues as Faun couldn't use his ability anymore and begins a search to unravel more clues to the mystery of the missing watch.

What makes this story great is actually the pacing and the placement of the comedy. Almost every 5 minutes I saw myself bursting with laughter, and still the story manages to go through well. Some scenes do look a bit flawed and doesn't really hit most spots (as in general comedic terms for this country) but it's still a great achievement nonetheless.

I can tell you that my gf watched this for a 2nd time and still she laughs at the scenes. She didn't spoil much of the story for me, but still I was able to enjoy it, even if she did spoil it. It actually even begs for a 2nd watch not only because of the humor, but how the ending is all tied up and made sense. But still, some scenes could've been a little bit more obvious to keep the audience guessing, and still would manage to make the audience feel that some parts were left out by them.

The careful analysis of Faun makes this movie worth it. The insurance people also contributed greatly to how great this movie is. Erra Fazira, is typical Erra Fazira. Afdlin is a little bit on the scenes, but that's alrite, the depiction works.

You should watch this movie if you love a good laugh and great pacing. Honest. I'm watching it again later, so I don't give much of a damn either way. So, don't be afraid if you lost something, cuz Los Dan Faun can surely find it for you. :P

Bolt: Movie Review

I think we have a good year of animal movies this year. First we got Kung Fu Panda, which was very entertaining. Then you've got The Dark Knight (hey, he's a Bat technically. :P). And now, Bolt, something from Walt Disney that is in no relation of Pixar at all. And it's lovely.

Bolt is a "superdog". Well, that's what he think he is as the director puts him in the show where he stars as a great superhero. In reality though, he's just another dog as usual. He gets loss in New York and must find his way back to his person, Penny helped by Mittens, the cool cat of the alley and that damn pesky hamster that stole the show.

John Travolta, great. Miley Cyrus, great. The rest of the cast, great. The story was also not bad at all. Just that some scenes felt a little too awkward to watch. That damn hamster is awesome. All his scenes showed how mad a hamster can be. And it was really fun. The ending, typical but works.

The shots were done nicely. The CGI is also good, considering the fact this is not a Pixar movie. I'd say it's really a fund experience to just sit there, watch how awesome Bolt is and how cute he could really be. Most memorable would be the begging scene, and it was pure bliss.

Watch this. Watch it with your family and have a blast. I didn't get a chance to go for the 3D version, but it's already great for me to watch the normal version. And remember, the superbark is private and confidential. :P

Wushu: The Young Generation: Movie Review

When you look at a Martial Arts movie, the first thing that comes into your head would be glorious coordinated fight scenes that transcends boundaries. So, what if you looked at Wushu: The Young Generation instead? Same idea, but not for me, as I understood what it was going to be. The problem is, the weak story and horrible directing does not make up for how the Wushu scenes make up to.

The story revolves around Li Yi and Li Er, 2 children that were raised to be great in the Art. They go to school and meet new friends and grow up together to compete in the National Wushu competition. Then, a villain pops in as a man who loves to kidnap children and ship them to various places. They meet, trouble ensues.

As I said, the story is a little bland and weak. The direction is worst. The young lads and lass were not that good in fact. But at least I know Sammo Hung is still in top form. He was more than redeeming. Most shots were not placed, and the scripting was also bad (Does a young lady ignore what an older man says to her? No, that does not happen when that man asks her if she wants to eat with his family and just becomes selfish. Bad move).

At least I'm happy to see Sammo Hung. Really. He has some fight scenes with him, and it was awesome to see him fight again. Who says age has taken away his agility and strength? :D

I don't recommend this movie. Really. Not if you're looking at at the story, or thinking that this is filled with fight scenes. But you should if you wanna see Sammo Hung and appreciate the art of Wushu. Now, back to the drawing boards and then go practice somemore. :)