Sunday, November 23, 2008

Impak Maksima The Musical: Theater Review

What do you do with a car on stage? Well, the only thing you can do is probably Donuts or 360s. And that was what exactly happened at yesterday's last day of Impak Maksima The Musical at Istana Budaya. The result, was definitely mixed.

The story revolves around DK, the guy who is the current Drift King. Along the way the story progresses to make DK go to battle with Ray, the antagonist, include love interest Ika and ends with the death of DK.

So there are only minor parts of the dialogue, and lots of parts for the singing. And to say about the singing, certain songs felt not so well, while some others worked like a blooming flower. The real stealers of the show are Dynaz, the guy portraying Amran, and Dina. The rest are actually, so so. Zul Huzaimy's parts are certain hits and misses. Zarina AF is also another.

The props are alright. Heavy with marketing (even the scripting) but still does well to generate some great looks. Lighting effects were also great, and also makes great use of the depth of the stage. One of the main problems, is how the story does not progress well and feels more like a love story rather than, a true blooded racing musical (which is actually achievable).

Though it was the last day, this review will serve it's purpose as a reminder. It is a great effort to put Malaysians into the theater scene, and I may only hope for further improvements in the upcoming plays from other directors. Though the story is weak, the price of admission would be worth RM20 or RM30 to get a real value out of the play. Good job, but you'll need more than just donuts to impress people.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa : Movie Review

I don't like to move it move it. Even though I moved it moved it. And then I laughed out on it. And I like to ah, review it! Surely this movie hits in some parts, but the impact the same felt with the first movie, which was a little more than a passing grade.

So Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman wanna go back to New York. Turns out, they crash landed (It definitely was not kissing the ground with just a peck) in Africa, which turns out, to be the home of Alex when he was younger. Marty finds his, creepy herd. Melman becomes a witch doctor, and Gloria is out looking for love, in a very cool and convincing Moto Moto done by Will.I.Am. But problems arise, and the gang, still looking for a way home, is still getting into too much of it.

There's a case with comedy nowadays. If you've seen Disaster Movie, you will know how totally outrageous and blindfully dumb the comedy was, though it raked in millions. The same case applies here, but in redeeming quality this one actually does it way better. The dumb syndrome still persist, but scenes including new characters are practically the one that work best. Parodies were done in an OK manner, and as I've said, some scenes hit, some miss.

King Julien gets more air time, and his only performance that felt miraculous was the sacrifice part. Mort became more annoying, but still managed to be tolerable. The penguins are always over the top and amazing. While the main characters, probably Gloria and Melman work best. And the romance clicked too, amidst all the chaotic humor going on.

This will most probably make kids laugh for sure. Alex is adorable, Marty shows some spunk, Gloria punch things up in a beat, and Melman, though silent, works well in his scenes. So brings the kids for laughter, but just for their laughter. The average adult won't find much to attach themselves to, but it's a fun family ride when all of you are together.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quantum of Solace: Movie Review

The 22nd Bond movie is a sequel, which I believe has never been done before, more so the story being like a trilogy of some sort (Hollywood trend?). It starts with a big bang, but ends in a low note for practically everyone who watched the movie. It might not be as great as Casino Royale, but it still fits as Ian Flemming's James Bond.

After Vesper's death, Bond decides to pursue the people that were responsible. In vengeance mode, he stumbles with Dominic Greene, a man who has a very huge link to a corporation that even MI6 has never heard off. The story goes on to introduce Camille with her own personal vengeance, and the two may be able to pull it off just right.

People complained a whole lot that Bond doesn't deliver this time, because Casino Royale was way too exciting to watch. My dad calls it the lousiest Bond film ever, and my mother thinks it's just dull to watch comparing with Casino Royale. As for me, it has some great thrills, but ending on a low note without making us feel that there is more to develop on is what makes this Bond a bit disappointing.

And Bond this time, is a little more quiter than he was before. Perhaps it's a more wiser approach. Smooth and charming is the Bond label, and this one is almost accurate. Olga works as the new Bond girl, and she works pretty well. Gemma Artenton, though very brief, also works as the 2nd Bond girl. Mathieu, urm, sadly, does not look much evil. In fact, Le Chiffre was much more bad ass, and I grew to like that one better as a demonic evil enshrouded in a cunning face.

The rest of the supporting cast did great jobs. The shots were well made. the action was a little hit and miss, especially the climactic part that didn't feel logical. And they should've stuck with Bond using an Aston Martin. That car was made for Bond.

So, should you watch it? Well, if it's on a wednesday, then yes. The money paid in full wouldn't really do full justice until we wait for the 23rd movie. And so with this review, I hope the next director and his writers find a way to put Bond back in the limelight. Because I'd rather rewatch Casino Royale over, and over again.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Tropic Thunder: Movie Review

What a sad state of shows. Not that this movie is bad, but there's only 5 screenings allocated for most theaters. Nothing more than 7 or 8 considering how great this movie is compared to Bangkok Dangerous. But nonetheless, this is a work of great humor with minor flaws indeed.

Ben Stiller goes director, writer and actor for this movie of his about 3 actors making a film about a "true" war story. After the director is blown up, they then believe they are still in a movie but actually against a bunch of terrorist in the jungles. that's where everything goes on a loose and kaboom.

Downey Jr. was fantastic of course. Playing as an Australian who went through a pigmentation operation to be a black man, he pulled off his role really well and brought me to tears with his humor. Black was fantastic, but didn't really feel fully utilised as an addict. Then there's Stiller, who worked well for the movie.

The shots were great, and the effects are cool. The scripting didn't feel cheezy, although 1 can understand why the word retard had offended a bunch of people. It was not properly censored, which of course ridiculous. And then there's Matthew McC0naughey and Tom Cruise. Matthew was sheer ridiculousness, which is of course very great. Tom Cruise is even more crazier. I can hear show me the money repeatedly in my head.

The problem was a few scenes felt hits and misses. Though some worked well, some others just doesn't feel complete and could have been developed further. What you see in the trailer doesn't really add everything into it. But still, this movie shouldn't be missed.

A screening on its own is great. But to go for a second I wouldn't really recommend due to censorships and all. So tell yourself that you lose 2 hands and fake about a war that you haven't been in, cuz Tropic Thunder will blow your hands, and stomachs off.