Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows: Exclusive Movie Review

Guy Ritchie's take on the super sleuth is one to be amazed at. Sure, its not what purists were expecting (Go for your BBC UK's Sherlock please. That's a WHOLE LOT MORE AWESOME), but it still delivered. So a sequel was greenlit, but sadly, it does not give the awe inspiring awesomeness seen in the first.

Sherlock is back again investigating a case, that does not seem slightly related. As he escorts Dr. Watson to his wedding, he finally gets to confront Professor James Moriarty, arch nemesis and also as brilliant as Sherlock. But what Sherlock has not discovered yet, is he is about to play a very dangerous game, that Moriarty has already seemed to have won. Will he crack the case?

Its not surprising how the actor's were doing, especially Jared Harris this time. RDJ and Jude Law were their usual selves, but the big inclusion is obviously Moriarty. Now, some may love Jared's rendition, but I have a hunch that some may hate, due to lack of clarity in his stance and motives. But I personally would say that Jared nailed Moriarty as an amoral character who's aim are a lot more devious than one would expect.

The setpieces and scenes were okay, but closer to ho hum. Even the mental prediction fights were actually tamed (SPOILER: Except for the final one of course) and the action a little less milder. Sure, it felt that Guy Ritchie was doing things bigger. But I'd say that it lacks the flare that was present in the first.

Dialogue and score delivers. But there's just nothing to be vowed from. Its purely just simple popcorn entertainment that you have free time to spare.

Should you watch? If you like the first, sure. But don't come expecting to be wowed like before. If you haven't watch it, the good news is that you don't need the first to watch it. You already know who Sherlock is and how he is as told by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Kyo's Score: 7/10. MI 4 was more breath taking, even though I love Sherlock dearly.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol: IMAX Review

There is something wonderful in this poster. For most, they know its classic fuse being lighten up and is a tradition in Mission Impossible. For some, they'll notice its the Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the World currently. And I think it pays off. And it pays off well.

Ethan Hunt is back, on a mission that went totally haywire. Without giving too much away, after a mission that went wrong in the Kremlin, the US President initiated Ghost Protocol, with the IMF being disavowed. Without choice, the Secretary of Defense provides them with a potentially final mission to save the world again. With no back up, no extraction, no other support, they have no choice but to end some insane lunatic from ending the world.

Remember how it felt watching Rambo 2? By all accounts, everyone can agree its a fantastic Rambo movie. The making of an icon. Ethan Hunt is in the same league, although a little scrawnier. But of all the MI movies, this is what basically the Rambo 2 is to the whole series. Well, that is if God willing, there's another one coming up that can best this one.

The cast selection was good. You've got usual Tom Cruise. But the main stars now seem to be Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner (Who I now have absolute faith he can pull off Hawkeye). Paula Patton provides eye candy, but sadly has so little powerful moments. Anil Kapoor is a huge waste and his character shouldn't have been so. He may be a playboy, but he really needs some suave. Michael Nyqvist is a good antagonist on my account. I can understand the motivation of his character (even though the world would say his development is unnecessary). Such few lines and I can understand what he meant.

But the real winner is actually Brad Bird's direction. Class, style and finesse is truly delivered in every shot and every scene. He knew MI was getting too serious (Philip Seymour Hoffman was a big serious problem), and then came Simon Pegg being goofy, with Jeremy Renner complimenting his funny side further (that's not saying Jeremy doesn't have his moments, because his worked as well). We're thrown into Russia, Dubai (Burj Khalifa scene being the best), and Mumbai in the end.

Each set piece is well executed. And enhanced even better in IMAX. There's no doubt this should be watched in IMAX. The sound, the scenes (FULL WIDESCREEN AWESOMENESS!!!), the feel really gets you jumping. I kept cursing Brad Bird because of the scenes he took in IMAX for the Kremlin, Burj Khalifa, and even in the last scene in Mumbai.

Script is a winning formula with Simon Pegg helping deliver the laughs. The score is classic and wonderful (I would've preferred the one used in the trailer, due to its slower nature). And I have nothing else to tell you except to GO AND WATCH THE DAMN FILM IN IMAX!!!!

Kyo's Score: 9.5/10. If only I saw The A-Team in IMAX. :p

The IMAX Hall at TGV Sunway: Special Review

Since I wrote a nice piece on this and Blogger decided to become a bitch, here's how I felt in Short.

Con (The only one)
Its the smallest IMAX theatre TGV could afford. You're not getting the 5 storey screen treatment, but its still IMAX in every way possible.

-You may be able to notice the cropping when its in 35mm and in IMAX. But since the hall was small, the adjustment was barely notable.

Sound System
-TRULY AMAZING. My heart is pounding at every single IMAX scene that MI4 had. The sound delivers!!!

The seating
-Comfy and very spacious in terms of leg room.

The price
-Not bad at RM 22. Was expecting it to be RM 25 to 30. But the price makes it feel affordable and worth it.

My verdict
-The hall is an affordable Gold Class at GSC, and much better too. You're getting good value still as the screen is really in your face.

-BIGGER HALL PLEASE! And GSC, you know now what to do. So BRING IT!!!!