Thursday, June 30, 2005

On different grounds...

! a!nt here for no ch!ck
!'m here for the cl!ck
!'m stump l!ke !ce p!ck
!'m smooth n so sl!ck!
!'m far from my home
!'m all on my own
! stand on top a dome
Make dreams, not drones
!'m here to acqu!re knowledge
!'m so shy !N th!s college
!'m force to take pledges
So far there's no cases!
feel the need for the grudges
Cuz th!Ngs are bound by ledges
Homes!ck !s f!Ne
Love !s so bl!nd
Why must ! f!nd
A gurl that's so f!Ne
! probably requ!re frens
s!nce !'m alone need!Ng frens
! got some n ! can blend
w!th gurls or guys who could mend
my house !s really hot
my body feels so hot
! know !"m really hot
G!rls are call!Ng ! sure have got
Th!Ngs are great ! know !'ll part
G!rls come !N green, yellow, black, red n blue
!"m a fellow w!th constant rule
l!fe !s a hassle !t a!n't no b!tch
The pres !s good, but some are b!tches
Who th!nk for herself
sk!pp!Ng her p!tches
They judge me by the cover
Act!ng like leeches
suck!ng my blood money, n r!ches
! feel so great, n feel!Ng so r!te
Cuz !'m good, great n so l!ght
Feel the gaze, breeze n sun l!ght
! got a ch!k ! want to b!te!

Never ask too much, just be content with the little...

2 years ago
! dec!ded to enroll
!N what would never b the b!ggest m!stake
That ! have ever told
! went to the l!brary
Opt for a l!brar!an
REturned back !N the pos!t!on
Of the most well known samar!tan
At pr!me school
Th!Ngs were never too cool
!'m always mocked
Never stopped act!ng l!ke a fool
Back to the secondary
! met a cute ! almost called her honey
We had n!ce d!gs, best laughs, tears and sm!Les that last
For a moment, ! thought th!ngs would go on a blast
! remembered
What my frens would have told me
That ur the testee
And l!fe's a b!g mystery
We plan, He dec!de
They were cool, that's alr!te
But th!ngs were hot
Not ton!te
She got mad and she threw me of the l!te
! never knew what went wrong
Or mayb ! was meant for the wrong
PErson, !Mpress!Ons are purely co!Nc!dence
When we keep on search!Ng for the mask
That's just leg!tament
!'ll keep search!ng
! can never stop! don't want to end my l!fe just as a h!p hop
! wanted a fren
Maybe just someone to call and lend
A help!Ng hand and purely ! do not want those who pretend
A guy or gurl
Doesn't matter Who ! Would end
Just that someone ! trust
And does not backstab me !N the end
What goes
!t'll flow
We're pawns
!t shows! know what m!ght be g!ven or unfold
A story done but never told
!'m glad
! found not only just the one
But maybe two !s enuff
For a fren and a gurl would be tough
But L!fe's l!ke that
Don't ask for too much
Or soon regret that
What you say mayb a way to get away
From real!ty or mayb just a s!ngle day
! felt that 2 !s enuff
Mayb 4 could get me tough
1 gurl and 3 guys
!t's for sure
! know the mean!Ng of

It's not humanity, it's just me

Whats happened to the world today?
Death tolls and k!dnappers wreak havok today
Human!ty cr!es !N var!Ous ways
but none took act!On and let them decay
Rhymers make rhymes make l!ke th!s each day
Harass!ng human!ty w!thout a quest!on for you to say
Turn the tables let me see u play
5 m!nutes later ur !n a camp cheer!ng
"Who the f'ck are u to say?"
!'m also a human
An honest rhymer
! try to bu!Ld w!th pure craze
! just hope that u wont cry and gaze
!ts just s!mple
! bash all human!ty
Not just terror!st
but also pla!N soc!ety
th!s !ncludes me
for ! am happy
as myself ! could try to sm!le and b happy
although that was not suppose to b
d!ff!cult th!Ngs ponder on !nsan!ty
my agony
noth!Ng matches what has gotten !N to me
! go for drugs
Yet ! f!Nd not 1 pol!cy
guns be!Ng sold not based on hypocracy
but to show off and rob money
to show power !ts not even me
but to k!ll people
thats what ! want to c
For me
Accompl!sh!ng task are not to b greed
but to take matters slow and
po!nt where's thee?
! know the world w!ll go up to me
all ! can do now !ts wa!t for that to b
then ! can blame my f!Ngers from mak!Ng th!s p!ece
and then !'ll blame my m!Nd for remember!ng H!M
! feel cold and !'m down
!s human!ty look!Ng at me down?
! hope so
cuz !m not the one who would bow down
ask!ng forg!veness !s not what ! had around
but stab a kn!fe at the back !s wat ! had r!te now
Dont you dare to look down
some1 would try to rebound
and others would take not!ce of th!s rhyme
and make act!ons r!te th!s t!me around

Sunday, June 19, 2005

The ramblings of an old fool.

These are the rambl!ngs of an old fool
These are the words of a tempered fool.
These are the sentences of a wannabe cool.
And these are the phrases of an !d!ot!c fool.

!'m old now,What have you got to say about me now?
! asked you to pray, but look who's sm!l!ng now?
! asked you to learn about the ways of l!fe.
Yet you k!cked !t as!de and dec!de to l!ve l!fe.
What you gonna do !f you don't have a job?
A job at least !t has concern w!th h!p hop
A l!fe w!th no job !s not a bounce or a lob
U better pray u don't match a corn cob
! beg of you not to l!ve l!fe up
But to rem!n!sce and help others stand, up!
!ts not too b!g
Nor !t !s too small
!ts the most least
That you could do for all
Don't let your parents suffer
As they ra!sed you for the better.
as they helped youto b an ach!ever
as they gu!de you towards happ!ness forever
L!sten plz to me for wat ! have to say
!'d always hoped that you start chang!ng today
Make the world better for us all to stay.
!t'll make a d!fference ! what we shall say.
Don't run away
L!fe !s always here to stay
Problems can be eas!ly sorted out w!th a frens way
Even !f ur fam!ly wreaks havoc !N every s!ngle way.
Ur frens are always there for u and they stay.
Follow God, and H!S rel!g!on
Un!te and stand tall to form a leg!On
That can real!se all where l!fe !s worth a ment!On.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Aih, i'm not the type who types...

Seriously, i'm not the guy who's goes for typing. But sadly, i enjoy rhyming, which is also a branch towards typing. How is that???