Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Great Gamers Hideout Debate

I've been looking and reading at how much people have lamented, talked, bashed, raved, criticized various game shops for their con tactics and high price points. Of course, one of the shops mentioned would be Gamers Hideout, which besides getting great feedback from Xbox 360 gamers, are also getting kicked out by a bunch of gamers. Main reason, price point. I think it's time I clarify certain things about businesses that people should understand about.

Why GH has to sell higher than the other local game shops? Lets see. First, people believed that it is in Damansara. So, in other words, Damansara is a great place for high rental payments. The truth, not exactly. KLCC is much worst. Heck, Sg Wang is also a bad place to begin with in terms of rental. So, how is that them shops in Sg Wang can go cheaper, while GH is still darn expensive? a good way to answer this is to check the shopping malls itself on the rental, and we'll get to other factors later.

So, rental is taken cared off. Let me present the next reason, the layout. Honestly, if any of you have been to GH, you will know that they now have 2 shops, and the layout is nowhere near functional. It's classy. It's like going to Chilli's and having your meal there. Or maybe Chicken Rice Shop compared to a normal Nasi Ayam store. If you look at other game shops, it's so functional that every single placement of the items are made to advertise every single peripheral you could think off. For GH, it feels that you're tempted to ask if they have a demo at the moment that you can try out (Which they actually have til next month on Street Fighter 4).

My last point would actually be a bit surprising, but it is my main point. It is GH's direction of choice. If you know, it means that you've been supporting their call for Original Gaming only. No modified consoles, no piracy crap. It's all legit. heck, buying a 360 from them nets you the awesome 3 year Microsoft support from RROD. That's great rite? Well, not for some gamers. You see, when comparing back to local game shops, ask yourselves are those shops going for Original Gaming only? Or you actually see them selling pirated DVDs that are so easily obtainable once more in the country? Sure, they sell PS3 originals, so, what about 360s? What about Wiis? owh I see, only hot titles. So, could you find me Ninja Blade then? (Bernard Moh got it though). It's hard and especially when those shops can easily profit 3 fold from the original suppliers price that they incur. By not selling an item, or jacking its price up, the problem comes with how tough a battle is being fought between GH and the local game shops.

My lecturer once told me that he was willing to pay extra price on a place that serves great service to its customers compared to some hypermarket Hi and Goodbye service. I believe in that. Some gamers think that GH's service is bad upon first impressions and so on. This is one aspect they can improve actually. Consumers have grown up and becoming more price sensitive. The only option left is to make sure that you give great service and great support. So, wherever you go, consider things carefully before you simply judge and point. Besides, the best answer always comes from the man himself. So, why not just open that mouth and ask them instead?

PS: I used to travel to GH once and wanted to sample Rock Band. The long haired guy (Sorry dude, not sure which one are ya. :D) smiled and had to decline. I understood it but still I found it great to just visit there and ask away. Also, don't forget I'm selling too. :P

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rock Band Unplugged for the PSP: A shocking reveal

How do you play a guitar without actually holding a guitar? Simple. By buying a PSP and then purchasing Rock Band Unplugged. What started as a joke by Gamespot last year turned into reality just recently and is beginning to creep me out. Its announcement was the only thing to be had at the moment.

But some sources have said that the game would be played using the face buttons and you could change the instruments on the fly during a song. Perhaps a DDR approach of the face buttons would work. I guess the only instrument that seems in tact would be the Mic on the PSP 3000.

On a smaller fry note, Assassin's Creed and Little Big Planet are also making their way to the PSP exclusively. Well well, PSP ain't that dead after all eh?

The ketchup:

Never heard of the predecessor games? Go to Play-Asia for more!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What I could wish for in KOF XII: KOF XII Impression

AOU 2009 had just taken place. With it, KOF XII has been given a demo test of it (Although location tests have begun long ago). So, I am pumped no doubt. It is basically the only game successful on keeping my passion alive for games. So based on the videos on Youtube, I'll be explaining why and what is going on this time.

The story begins after the events of KOF XI. For those who have played the previous game, they will understand that endings had taken place (Aside from the very beautiful anime screens that were shown in each ending) as how Ash Crimson wanted them. He has successfully stolen the Kagura Mirror (used to trap Orochi) and then Iori's purple flame. And as you would expect, Iori in this game would be flameless. 20 fighters are stepping into the ring to fight once again 3 on 3 style, but what events will really unfold? And will Orochi be reborn, again?

The graphics is drop dead gorgeous. Of course, in the case of 2D fighters, some people prefer to stick to traditional things (CoughsSF4Cough). KOF XII was designed beginning with creating character models in 2D. They were then transported into 3D images. Once that was done, it was redrawn again in 2D using the 3D images that was captured. The result feels like an anime that you control. And however it goes, this anime is yours to show.

The gameplay system is also given a revamp. The Max gauge is now only a long gauge that is charged by executing attacks (bummer on not being able to charge). The system also introduces a critical counter gauge. Whether you get attacked or attacking, the gauge will fill up until its full. When it is full, it will begin to deplete, and you have some shots at executing the critical counter. When you do a counter, you can begin a sequence of combo attacks that will be very punishing when mastered. The system gives a nod to the old, and still brings something new to the foray.

You've got 20 fighters and they are ready to duke it out. This is by far the lowest character count in a KOF game. The original 94 also had 24 if I'm not mistaken. But still, looking at the amount of time used to create and revamp the game, it makes sense that it would take a long time and looks to be a fresh beginning to a great game.

I'm praying down that this games comes to the PS3 and Xbox 360 this year. I know that the arcade version is launching in April 10th, 2009 in Japan, and I'm also praying that TKAWorld has decency to bring it to Singapore and Malaysia. I need it bad!

On another note, here's what I think I would like to see in KOF XII for the console version.

1. Online Play. Duh, I've already talked about this before.
2. Custom costumes. I'd be happy to see Iori in his old threads again. Or even Athena in all her previous costumes (She has more than 10.)
3. Character challenge mode. Street Fighter EX pioneered this one. It was really fun and enjoyable watching yourself practice the move over and over again that it was just fun executing the combo. Although I liked KOF's Mission mode, this mode would give each character a lesson for us to master them.
4. Backstory on missing characters. We need to know what happened to them other 30 so characters that were not present. We need an official story SNK Playmore. And we need it stat.
5. A new way of Online ranking. You know, something that may have adoption towards what Killzone 2 has delivered (ie new perks and so on).
6. Game customization. This was gone after 98. I had fun actually messing around with hidden life and power bars, messing with the defense level, so on and so forth. It shouldn't hurt by giving us that sort of power right?

So SNK Playmore and Ignition Entertainment, please listen to my small requests and make this game worth it. I know there are English VAs assigned for the characters in this game, signalling a very very very soon coming of this game to the consoles. I'll be waiting to pounce on people for sure.

Ong Bak 2: Movie Review

What a disappointment. And here I was thinking that the trailer was great, and yet I've been given a story that was so weak that in the end the audience was still sitting on their seats, probably asking themselves what the hell happened. Suffice to say, a huge letdown.

I went for this movie with my gf before she flew back to Aussie. The movie stories about Tian, a descendant from loyalty that was outcast by some rebels and decided to take revenge back after he grew in a group of bandits. To spoil the story, in the end he found out who actually killed his father and was tortured to death.

Action, great. But I still had gripes to it, but I need to get to somewhere else. The acting, ok and not bad. But the plot and story is so horrible that I was just left gazed out. The only thing in my head was regret and I want a refund. And this is coming from how nice Ong Bak actually was and the 2nd was a letdown. Ok, enough with that.

On the action side, I was actually hoping Tian to be a strictly Muay Thai fighter. Apparently, the people who raised him also had a Japanese Samurai and some Chinese Kung Fu Masters that helped him develop more arts. Sounds good? It is, but it breaks his identity, especially since the setting is when we can still call it as Siam. The sound is ok, but the props were amazing. My gf liked the settings and so did I. I liked how the props was done and how everything looked great.

A minor setback is on the heroin. There was no significant of why she even needed to be in this film. And she needs to be more stable. Couldn't the director have used wires to help her instead?

Overall, watch the movie if you want to see some Muay Thai fighter going all out in various other martial arts. But you can sleep when they narrate the whole story. Trust me, it's better that way.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

To Hadoken, or not to hadoken?: Street Fighter 4 Ads and Tips

With the hype of Street Fighter 4 blooming into the sense of multiple orgasm for males, it was a bit surprising to see how late the promotional advertisements were coming along. Perhaps in the US, the ads should be released 1 week before it's official release. In Asia however, I don't see any promotional marketing going on except for an upcoming tournament that will be held in Cineleisure on 28th February. But, going back to the advertisement, would it be great to ask yourself this question.

To hadoken, or not to hadoken?

I'm not saying that it's lame. But, it somehow wants to bring back the older days of the times where people never stopped dunking in coins into machines in arcades or even colleges. Besides, our younger parts have all been doing that (And I still am doing so playing SF2 CE) yet it does mark as something new too.

This is definitely the return of the beatdown.

So, as far as lame (read: Yes it is.) and late marketing comes by, you can spot these commercial at your or even sometimes. IGN's review is a great show of how this one might be possible to takeover Street Fighter 2 and Turbo's place in the greatest games of all time ranking.

And I might be able to help with some tips in the game (Note: I do not have the original on either consoles or played the arcade version. it is all gathered from reading too much.)

1. Combo is all about timing. Button mashing is not a combo. Though it may seem tough, you'd need a very big mental image in your head to understand which milisecond should you hit that button and continue that combo. Practice here makes perfect execution and glorious beatdowns.

2. Fighters can get tired in long streaks. This means that if you start a combo with chipping damage (like 3 times LP) chances are that you're next hit is weaker than what it should be. Start strong when the opportunity presents itself. The opportunity can only come by how aware you are. A slow but strong start can be better than chipping someone's life 20 times.

3. Charging is not difficult. If you've played Street Fighter 3 before, you can do charge partitioning/stocking. It means that before you do a combo you can charge (example, Guile's Sonic Boom) back in 2 seconds and then execute a combo. (Combo example, charge db, release, 3XLP then Front MP). The same is possibly done here, but you can also charge while hitting those 3 small punches and then straight for a Sonic Boom. Keep in mind that 2 seconds is enough.

4. Don't be afraid to get hit in Focus Attack. Focus Attack is extremely useful if you release it right on time when your opponent is coming. If they jump, you'd get damaged. But if you charge it in 3 seconds you can release an unblockable attack that gives you a very huge advantage to perform more combos. On the plus side, it heals back when the focus attack hits your opponent.

5. Try not to turtle. Turtling is basically waiting for the opponent to hit you while you block or practically spam the same thing (like a Hadoken) on and on again. When the advantage presents itself, you beat him up. Go aggressive when possible. Since I did say try not to turtle, mixing offense and defense can be very useful in any situation.

6. Be wary of throws. Throws are good mixes to drop someone off their feet and perhaps continue with a combo or just make him stay scared. When someone fights, balance is important. Not just physically, but mentally too. Thought your opponent is expecting an attack? Try giving him a little poke and come closer. Pressing LP+LK would throw him away and you can try and see how he would feel after that. On a defense note, be aware of any light moves being thrown out when you guard. Be quicker.

7. I revenge you my damage. The Revenge meter pulls off Ultra moves. The moves for each character is different and can be seen in their movelist. But there is a trick. When revenge is already half, you can start going for an Ultra move. The more the meter fills, the more damaging that move will be. the trade off is that you need to get hurt then only you will fill the meter. So, if pulling off an Ultra means so much, think again.

There are more tips and tricks you can find in the internet in the upcoming weeks, but these are mine so far. Credits to IGN and Sean Gilley for the tips and tricks.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Heavy Rain: PS3 Impressions

A stupid subtitle, or a mega conspiracy? We'll wait and see.

In 2006, Quantic Dream presented PS3 fans with a technical demo of the game. The purpose? To show off what the heck the PS3 can do. Apparently, it was not enough. Gamers wanted a hands on with the game, so it's pretty much not possible, since it was still in the stages, but Heavy Rain should really whet up some appetites with it's gorgeous visuals considering after how great Indigo Prophecy did before.

So, how far would you go to save someone that you love? In reality, parents would die for their children, lovers can do almost everything to save their loved ones. In this game, it's made to tell you how and what should you do, in a situation like that. Quantic Dream apparently is going to give that experience where every single decision made, can lead to a fatal outcome.

In this game, based on the previews, you're a journalist. Apparently, the game would start out with you at a home trying to investigate what happened. This is the fun part. Investigate how you see fit and everything would happen in real time. In the demo, it's raining (giving some sense to the title), and the protagonist is trying to investigate. So, if it were you, how would you do it? Well, you can picklock the back door, try the window, or enter the garage first, anything makes a big thing. Quantic Dream wanted this game to feel like it was like stretching a rubberband. The more you stretch it, the more you get out of it. Or maybe, like reading a Goosebumps story, where careful picking leads you to the end of the real thing. Make some wrong moves, and walah, you're ended with something shorter or lesser info is being revelead.

Owh my Lord is this water realistic?

The demo ended with the protaganist escaping from a certain man who lived in the house she was investigating, and so far, it's been dry ever since. The visuals may be very beautiful, but we really need more stuff to help us out here. I'm very much anticipating this, considering how Indigo Prophecy was a major influence to my liking of game oriented movie. Only you control the ending, so end it with style.

PS: Play-Asia doesn't have this yet obviously, but to Nick Leong, I hope you're happy! :p

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The King of Fighters 98: Ultimate Match: PS2 Bring The PAIN!

64 guys in 1 game. BRING THE PAIN!

Remember my previous review on the Japanese version of KOF 98 UM? Well, in case if you forgot, it's right here. So what is this post about? Well, it's the US version now!

But is there a review for it? Course not. Apparently, I don't have the copy yet since it's not even released yet. But, there's something very interesting in this trailer that I wanted to show you all at the 50th Second.

So, exclusive footage of KOF XII eh? So, here's what I'm gonna start thinking.

1. KOF XII might come to the PS3 as an exclusive or time exclusive. The time exclusive is because the Xbox 360 also has KOF 98 UM in their arcade list (which is releasing on March in Japan, not sure about Asian or US versions). It'd be great to know if the exclusive footage, is new gameplay footage, system explanation, move list video which would be great if you asked me.

Yes! Your shoe laces are untied!

2. KOF XII is continuing tradition with Online Play. But if it's possible, can they upgrade the system that Virtua Fighter 4 gave light to? I mean, Tekken and SF has copied the same techniques by giving rankings to people based on experience points and how many matches have been played, but I want to see something improve further since SF4 has unlockable costume which each grade. Make KOF XII much more deeper SNK PLAYMORE!

I am honestly a happy guy, serious. And I just I had the extra cash to fork out for this game. So, we'll see whether Guitar Hero: Metallica wins my attention, or this one first. :P

Also can't wait like me? Pre-Order from Play-Asia now! Releases March 9th 2009!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mother 3, in Bahasa MALAYSIA???

So Mother 3 was basically translated way too many times with fan translations. But seriously, in Malay? Don't trust me? Well, a recent visit that ignited my interest (Courtesy of Mr. NineOverTen. :P) had left me searching for some fan translated works.

Turns out, a high school student in Kota Tinggi is currently working on such a translation. You can find his blog, and some screenies of his work right here. And honestly, I am very impressed! :D

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ryu Ga Gotoku 3: PS3 My Thoughts

The Yakuza series is actually a game that is similar to the Dragon Quest series. It's such a huge hit in Japan but in the US, less than mild. Well, low strength of marketing is a very big thing, and the game was really booming from the land of the rising sun. So, it wasn't surprising to see that a 3rd sequel is to come in, considering how the game gives you so much to do (which on other words, translates into a spiritual sequel to Shenmue) and also presents such a great story as it unfolds. I've taken my sweet time to watch the 20 minute Tokyo Game Show footage that was presented and showcased a whole lot of good stuff.

IGN did a coverage on the game recently and they were really positive about the game. The next move is to have it ported and translated into English so that even I may understand. Either way, the story this time still revolves on Kazuma Kiryu, but he would now be in Okinawa opening a orphanage with Haruka, a little girl who is close to uncle Kazzy during the first 2 games. But after a political and yakuza joint forced Kazuma to react, he must now return to Kamimurocho to settle things once and for all for his orphanage.

So the story has always been top notch. I'd say, on par with the Infernal Affairs series in terms of excitement and unfolding the mystery. It's not GTA, since you're more as a detective in this game. The game throws you with so many to do, so interact with girls, eat, drink, and this time, sing karaoke, play new minigames, so on and so forth. And the fight system is also given a makeover. Some thugs coming at you? Perform a quick action prompt and you might just dish some damage and start the battle with you having an advantage. Miss and suffer. There is no loading between transitions. Yes, no loading. And that is definitely spectacular.

One of the nifty things I realized was how Kazuma can learn certain moves through observations. Observe someone getting harassed? learn how he or she counters it and you just got yourself a new move. The graphic is of course upgraded, and I must say, it is a wow.

Fans have been waiting for the game for quite a while after Kenzan was released. Now it's the 3rd chapter in the modern times and I'm seriously hoping this comes out in English. Even an European release is great. :D

Ryu Ga Gotoku 3 released on 27th February 2008. Wow, so close to Killzone 2 eh? But that's because Killzone 2 is coming out on March in Japan. So, get yours from Play-Asia now!

Ryu Ga Gotoku 3 PS3 R3 Japan

Street Fighter 4: PS3 and 360 Impressions

Hiyah! I'm ready for my big debut again!

I love fighting games. In my name also you can see how I love referring to 2 characters from the King Of Fighters series. So, how should I feel about Street Fighter 4 (SF4) coming in the way? At first, excited. And then, skeptical. But now, I've brushed off my feelings and understood that this is something that I can be really excited about, and the past generation of the SF2 crowd would also be too.

Though the title says Street Fighter 4, the game's events actually took place after SF2 and before SF3. So, would it be a prequel to SF3? I don't think so, because I've never seen the endings yet. But the idea is no doubt an exciting one, and we hope that some questions raised in SF3 like who is Remy's father and so on will be answered in SF4.

Presenting! Brokeback Fighters!

The graphics is actually homage. When people saw it for the first time, they were screaming their lungs because it is 3D. In actuality, it's still 2D. From here, I started calling this SF2 for the next gen. And I'll support that with the system too. The gameplay itself is actually a charm. And it is very much based on the classic SF2 style. Put someone in the corner and blast at them away. Cancel and stun them and make sure the combo strings never end. The depth of SF2 combo system is back and this time it marks a huge step for presenting an old system in a new generation. I'd also say it's a big gamble.

You've got new characters and a new boss to boot besides the original world champion cast. The console versions will have more fighters in them from the Alpha/Zero series. The new cast includes Crimson Viper, a super hot sexy spy that fights with weapons (Something like Malin from KOF), Abel is a mixed martial artist who might have a grudge against Guile, is from France and loves swinging people around, El Fuerte is homage to a Luchador, a mexican wrestler and we've got Rufus, where it seems that the trend is to bring in fat fighters who are agile. (I also love Sammo Hung. :P) The boss this time is Seth, a weapons director from Shadowloo who seems to be more powerful than M. Bison in which he can even copy other fighters moves.

I know I've used Ryu many times already but I love the guy!

The soundtrack is lovely. It's another remix along with new tracks to suit this gen and it really sounds cool. The costumes are well done, but the alternate costumes can give you some headaches too. The only thing left is to see how well the online play is, the tutorial, the depth of gameplay and how everything ties up.

I truly believe this is SF2 remade for the next gen. It's already a fighting game that is well made and feels really charming when you can have that experience on your hands. I end my post with this video by a Sean Gilley, who's way too pro with Guile in Street Fighter 4. I'd love to fight him someday when I get the chance. :D

Street Fighter 4 is definitely mouth watering to me. So how about you? Pre-Orders from me are at RM240, still tentative for both consoles or get them also from Play-Asia!

Street Fighter 4 PS3 R3 Normal Edition with Bonus DVD!
Street Fighter 4 XBOX 360 NTSC-J Normal Edition with Bonus DVD and Calendar! (No fair! :P)
Street Fighter 4 PS3 R1 Collectors Edition!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Killzone 2 Massacre Case

In case of fire, do not put out Adam. :P

Wow. This is definitely a wow. How many times have you see a guy get so angry over the fact that PS3 has a really great game for the core players? Of course, never. And the guy in mention, is Adam Sessler, G4TV's host for the popular X-Play show that used to circulate in Astro.

So, what's the problem and why does it actually garner my post in my blog? Simple. When was the last time you heard someone who's quite famous that decided to go mad and crazy over the fact of how immature people actually are? Well, I can't think of any, but, at this crucial time where 2009 seems to be packed with so much excitement, this happens. Wii's getting more hardcore titles, and the PS3 is getting more games that are craving for others attention, and they've got it. Apparently, 10 year old sensitive fangirls (Yes, I refer them now to as a bunch of girls) are apparently scared. So scared that they taunt and speak in the internet like no tomorrow.

We're so close to the quality man! But that's probably ok. :P

What for? I mean, seriously, why not just let the PS3 have a great game, and you play yours? Are you jealous that you don't have enough dough to buy the game and the console? Then save up! If you've always wanted to buy 1 console for 1 gen only, then sell the other one and buy it! What's so hard about? I hear so many excuses, yet people just don't see a real workaround to it. Go find your friends, beg from your parents, bla bla bla bla bla. And all that you don't even need to resort to piracy.

Hey! I can see blood on the floor!

The human emotion is actually very simple to conquer if you have that will for it. Apparently, them fangirls can't handle it. One of the best moments i heard in the clip was about the VO one. What the heck? It's a VO. They sound pretty excited or normal to me. Compare it to other games that were also 5 star. I don't see no difference because it's their job. And paying people? What the heck? And trust me, I love the response to that. It serves a great benchmark to all and every single comment that includes something about paying people.

Don't stop shooting! Their AI's too good!

I too wait for the day when people desire to discuss normally among one another. I mean, seriously, I can't really have a decent discussion with those people. I do like the fact that when I was discussing about RE5, people were replying in good manners and we all got along. I had my gripes, and some of them agree to it. Others do disagree but we realized that it's a matter of preference in the end, and we're good about it. Now, if you'll excuse me, rather than see a bunch of people flame me, I'm gonna have my lunch and still save up for my PS3 and Killzone 2 purchase in the future.

Wanted to experience it yourself on what Killzone 2 is all about? You've got 2 choices. You can pre-order the game from me by contacting me at my email address (in my shop page) or pre-order it from Play-Asia now!

Killzone 2 R1 PS3 from Play-Asia

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Resident Evil 5: PS3 and 360 Impressions

I can see clearly now the rain is gone...

The above screenshot was during the days when Resident Evil 5 (RE5) was unveiled to the masses. It was then announced that it will be published by Capcom for the PS3, and the 360. It marks the beginning of the RE series to be in the Microsoft platform, and just recently, both platforms have received the demos for the game. So, the question is, how does it fair?

We are now in Africa, and this time Chris Redfield is being controlled to investigate what in the blazes is going on. Umbrella Corp is gone, but we have Tricell in play. Chris meets Sheva, who willingly helps him and introduces him to Africa for her own goals. So, what the hell is going on? We'll find out more when it releases.

Welcome to Africa. I don't know where Claire is.

The demo provides you with 2 stages. So, lets try cutting things as short as it could. Graphics, very nice. Sound, nice. Shooting mechanics, like RE4 for the Wii, PS2, and Gamecube. Controls, tight. Intensity, present. Fear level, abysmal.

I said that right. Abysmal. Meaning, it is not scary at all. You
know you're good enough to kill all them zombies with your guns and ammos lying around everywhere for you to scavage and kill them with. So, where's the fun in that? What's RE without the fear level? Intense is of course. But you know those zombies will come around everywhere from you. What else can you expect?

I had a really big gripe on that part. I don't blame the demo since it has no puzzles in it. But if the game is similar to some reviewers have mentioned, I'd be really pissed if there was only 1 puzzle in the whole damn game. What is this, Gears of War? Where's my real RE game? Bugs are present in both versions, sometimes during online co op where the screen blacks out after loading (Credits to Neoardi for getting that bug). So, further improvement is plausible.

Come here little doggie. Shinji won't kill you. Heck he won't even buy this.

I have to say, I'm being very skeptical with this game. So please don't blame me. Shinji Mikami told the world he won't play it because it feels incomplete, and I can vouch for that based on this demo. I can't crawl in a fetus position when I open a door anymore, and that's something that I get when played the series before RE4. And I still feel it even when I've read the walkthrough for it already. When that feeling is gone, survival horror, is just not survival horror anymore. So, thank you very much Capcom for making this demo for me to review. I'm gonna remain as skeptical as I can be.

Still not buying what I just said? Well, you can pre-order it currently from Play-Asia. It releases on March, Friday 13th 2009. My pre-order will come soon.

Resident Evil 5 PS3 R1 Normal Edition
Biohazard 5 PS3 R3 Normal Edition
Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360 NTSC-J Normal Edition
Resident Evil 5 PS3 R1 Collector's Edition
Biohazard 5 PS3 R3 Limited Edition
Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360 NTSC-J Limited Edition
Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360 NTSC-U Collector's Edition

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Red Cliff Part 2: Movie Review

It is amazing what this movie is. Epic, of course. But the sheer beauty comes from all the ensuing war going around you. Yet, even when the ending was presented somewhat softer than a big bang, the real gripe came from how everything tried to tie up, with everything to be said and told.

The Part 2 of this story continues immediately after the ending of the first. The successful Tortoise formation has given the people at Red Cliff hope to further press on. History wrote that the clear winner was the forces of Zhou Yu along with the Sun and Han factions. So, there you go. I spoiled it for ya.

But the story shouldn't have to be the main focus, its the sweat and labor that John Woo has given to make sure how this movie succeeds on conveying the right message. And it did. War never had any winners to begin with. Even the defending side loss, not because they had managed to repel the attack, but rather the loss of friends and family, all because of war. This is something that the world should understand, that war has never brought any good to anyone. It only ends with pain and suffering.

The script shines this time. The jokes were lesser though. But that's alright. the 80 Million project has given me a chance to not only appreciate the beauty of war, but also to find sadness from what it has given. So much bloodshed and slaughter makes a man question himself why should war even be necessary? I haven't felt something like that since Saving Private Ryan. Don't get me started about Miracle at St Anna. Spike Lee did a great job, but it's message is something else.

This movie is a great ride for me, with improved scripting of course. Those who've watched the first should not miss this at all. Those who missed the first should find the copy immediately before watching this movie for fear of lack of understanding towards what has happened. Today, the allies are united. Tomorrow, they shall be enemies. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms is an epic tale indeed. And this movie has achieved just that.

The first movie, Red Cliff Part 1 can be obtained through Play-Asia in the forms of a 2 DVD Disc Set and in Blu Ray.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans: Movie Review

Every war has a beginning. Of course. There wouldn't be World War 2 if there wasn't World War 1 right? We'd just get stuck with one world war. But putting that sort of argument aside, Underworld aims to tell the story of what happened before the war of Vampires and Lycans began.

Lucian was a different sort of a Lycan, a werewolf to be exact. He was born human, and was spared of his life from the Vampire lord. Lucian grew up as a sad case. He only was given the rank of a blacksmith where his home is a prison cell, and his life is filled with him infecting others turning them into Lycans like him. Lucian believes that no Lycan should be treated in that manner, and leads an assault of freeing the other Lycans, and finally beginning a war when his love, Sonja, a vampire, gets involved.

The story is more made to Underworld fans. The first movie was a fantastic one (Credits to Len Wiseman for that) and this is made to further tell us what is there to be seen many years ago before the war had began. The plot is simple, yet hits where it counts. Shots taken were ok, and the musical score fits well.

What I find lacking is that even though the action is gory and brutal, the scripting is a little dissapointing. It really felt that it could have been done better. The acting is alright, but Sonja seems to be a little of weaker part compared to the rest. The dark tone of the movie is great indeed, ending with bright lights as a portrayal of hope.

Newcomers had better watch the other movies first before this. I can tell you that certain things had lead me to certain confusions, but that is due to the fact that I forgot what Underworld 1 had a lot of and what Underworld 2 was all about. The end should be appeasing to fans, so, this is at least to hope for a fourth Underworld to fully tie things up. Silver bullets will be ready.

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