Friday, June 03, 2011

X-Men: First Class: Movie Review

The world greeted a live action movie of the X-Men in the year 2000. Done by Bryan Singer, it was a great start to a franchise, which slowly diverted and became more Hollywood eccentric rather than Comic Lore eccentric (Wolverine having more spotlight than Cyclops. Cyclops is the leader dammit, not some deranged emo idiot). Then came news of the Origin series, and was to be about Wolverine and Magneto, much to fanboy's delight. The Wolverine part did well, although it was not rightly done. The Magneto one, never came to light, but it came in this one done beautifully by Matthew Vaughn of Kick-Ass fame. I choose this poster specifically because I wanted the cast in. Its definitely not all, but a lot of them.

And clearly, they and the movie do not disappoint.

First Class is basically the origins of Magneto and Professor X. In fact, to do these 2 justice, would be to call them Erik Lensherr and Charles Francis Xavier. Wonderfully done and executed by Michael Fassbender (His proficiency in language is FANTASTIC) and James McAvoy (Who knew this talented young chap of Wanted fame can pull of a super charming Xavier?), the two met under circumstances of knowing that a new evolution in human mutation has begun. One is capable of manipulation of magnetism while the other a telepath, began their friendship hunting for one common enemy, Sebastian Shaw (Its Kevin Bacon. KEVIN BACON), who intends to ignite World War III. And who knew that Raven Darkholme /Mystique was actually the adopted sister to Charles? Together, Erik and Charles recruit the earliest of mutants in the world and began a war that will be ensued between mutants, forever.

So I made my points clear, James McAvoy, Erik Lensherr, Kevin Bacon, the cast are all good and wonderfully done, except for January Jones. Then again, I can live with her since she's mainly there for eye candy. The script is brilliantly written and you'll know its Matthew Vaughn's writing when you get to the scenes (he loves to make you question yourself, A WHOLE LOT). The shots were even nicely done. Amazed that its not Bill Pope doing it (my fave Director of Photography). The score is wonderfully matched. Perhaps the only minor gripe I have in seeking this movie's perfection is that it should have ended with the X-men cartoon theme song. haha.

But the most surprising part, was actually the story itself. We all know where this is going. We all knew what would happen and we all knew what would be the start of the first X-Men story. And still its good. It is still wonderfully told. But perhaps the real highlight is how fun it is to see Charles and Erik come together as friends. And they are truly friends who stood by each other's side. But as we all know, the choice that both of them made, will be bitter to each other. In fact, it is actually to place pain in one another. Both were in actuality seeking to unite the mutant faction, and to be capable of living in peace, Neandarthals (The only reason I'm calling us humans this is only because we are incapable of accepting Mutants living among us) and humans. But Magneto realizes that humans will never be capable of accepting mutants alike, thus a new war is waged.

Perhaps what we have loved so much is to see our beloved X-men come into action, but the morality questions eludes us. Magneto doesn't want this war. He just wants to be accepted as another person, even if he's a mutant, while Xavier has always sought for mutants to accept humanity, a mistake which he could not teach Magneto soon enough.

The real weakest point I believe, in this whole movie, is that it will be made into sequels, whether or not Matt Vaughn will be apart of it. How I see it, it should just stay as it is. But I may be proven wrong, as how The Dark Knight was made.

You'll laugh, and maybe cry, but truly you would be leaving the cinema smiling. Having Hugh and Rebecca even gives an extra edge to the whole movie. Truly, this was a delight.

Kyo's Score: 9.5/10.