Sunday, August 31, 2008

Break Time!

In conjunction with Ramadhan, RaRiRuReRo will be taking a break for the month's period. I will be helping out my father with daily work. I would like to wish all my readers happy fasting.

I will be coming back to write on Bangkok Dangerous and Tropic Thunder. September might not have much to look forward to, but don't forget to catch Mamma Mia! and Money No Enough 2. Seems to have a good amount of praise to it.

So to all, have a great day! :D

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kyo's Mini Game Mart

The shop is currently going but this page is still in beta mode. Once the next music album list is completed, then this should come up and running. :)

The Consoles?
Drooling for consoles? Here ya go!

Nintendo Wii US (With Official 1 Year Warranty)
=RM 1299 (Highly negotiable)
Bundle with a Wii game and get cooler discounts!

Nintendo DS Lite Console (With 3 Months Official Warranty)
=RM 570
Bundled with Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for RM 679.90!

Games Games Games
Need games to whet your appetite? LETS GO!

PS3 Games
Resident Evil 5 R3 = RM190
Guitar Hero: Metallica R1 = RM 175

Xbox 360 Games (NTSC-J Games Only)
Street Fighter 4 = RM 190
Guitar Hero: Metallica = RM 175

Nintendo Wii (US) Games
Rune Factory : Frontier = RM180
MadWorld = RM180
New Play Control Pikmin = RM180
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time = RM200

Nintendo DS (US, unless notified) Games
Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades Bundle (Includes Grip) = RM 200
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon = RM130
Puzzle Quest: Galactrix = RM130
Avalon Code = RM130
Trackmania DS = RM125
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars = RM 120
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Rings of Fates = RM 140

PC Games

Want more items? Inquire me at now! Terms and conditions apply.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Music Albums For Sale!

Here is the list of Music Albums for sale. And we are now open for business!

They start from Rm5. Some sealed, some not, but all new albums. :)

RM5 Category
-Moby: Last Night
-Sex Pistols: Kiss This
-Jamie T: Panic Prevention
-Grand Avenue: The Outside
-Petshop Boys: Fundamentals
-Selamat Pengantin Baru -Various- (Karaoke with Original Vocal)
-Kugirama Greatest Hits of Pop Bands
-Keri Noble: Fearless
-Jericho's Jeans: Loose Fit
-Sebastian Bach: Angel Down
-Meet The Robinsons OST
-Wiredaisies: Just Another Day
-Basement Jaxx: The Singles
-Caecilie Norby: First Conversation
-Dr. Dre: The Chronic
-Disney Channel's Jump In! OST
-Spice Girls: Forever

RM10 Category
-KT Tunstall: Drastic Fantastic
-The Chemical Brothers: We Are The Night
-J. Holiday: Back of My Lac
-Dave Koz and Friends: A Smooth Jazz Christmas
-Kylie: X
-Radja: Aku Ada Karena Kau Ada
-Ferrero Rocher presents Modern Love Song
-The Kooks: Konk
-Jesse McCartney: Right Where You Want Me
-Hannah Montana: Songs From and Inspired by the Hit TV Series

-Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus
-Hannah Montana 2: Non Stop Dance Party

-Jamelia: Superstar-The Hits
-Kelis: The Hits
-Korn: Unplugged

-The B-52s: Funplex
-The best of Vanessa Mae
-Chingy: Powerballin'
-Chingy: Hoodstar
-Wow! Just R&B Ballads (Malaysian Artistes)
-First Kiss (Love Songs Compliation)
-Spice Girls: Live at Wembley Stadium (2 VCDs)
-Spice Girls: Greatest Hits
-High School Musical 2 OST

RM15 Category

-Coldplay: Viva La Vida
-High School Musical The Concert (CD+DVD)
-Keith Urban Greatest Hits (CD+DVD)
-Scorpion No 1s. (2 Disc album)
-North: Straight Up (CD+AVCD)
-Disney Greatest Love Songs (2 CD Compilation)
-Michael Learns To Rock: Take Me To Your Heart (CD+DVD)
-EMI Top of the Pops (2 Disc Compilation)
-Simon Webbe: Sanctuary (CD+AVCD)
-Lite FM Presents Voices (2 Disc Compilation)
-Jesse McCartney: Right Where You Want Me (CD+AVCD)
-Best of Blue: Special Limited Fans Edition (2 Disc Album)
-Chenelle: Things Happen For a Reason
-Lenny Kravitz: Love Revolution
-Jesse McCartney: Departure
-Spice Girls: Greatest Hits (CD+DVD)

RM20 Category
-Chenelle: Things Happen For a Reason (Autographed)
-Marie Digby: Unfold (Autographed)
-Duncan James: Future Past (Autographed)
-Michael Learns To Rock Ultimate Collections (2CD+VCD)

Purchases of more than RM20 will net you a mystery CD! Rm30 will get 2 mystery CDs! While stocks last!

1. I do not have any other titles besides this. Do not ask me for any latest titles as I do not have them. What you see here, is what you get.
2.Once it's gone, it's gone. There will be no restock. I will add if I'm able to find more titles that are stored within my house.
3. Leave your contacts in the comments section along with what you are looking for. I'll get back to you through email or sms. Thank you. :)
4. Reservations of more than 4 days without being purchased will be booted immediately.

Merchandises, collectibles and various items will be posted soon. Thanks for reading! Contact me at now!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

You Don't Mess With The Zohan: Movie Review

Should you mess with him? Not really. And when I say that, I do really mean not really. It's basically Adam Sandler once more in a movie. The thing with Adam Sandler, is he is ridiculously funny in his movies, but his aren't any milestones to achieve about. Yet, if you're looking for a good amount of laugh, this one is still good either way.

Zohan is sick of his life as a counter terrorist for Israel. The thing here is, he not only wants to quit, but wants to work with Paul Mitchell as a hair stylist. better yet, he even keeps a book of Paul Mitchell's hair styles and decides to do the avalon on himself after he fakes his death. Taking the name of Scrappy Coco, he doesn't make it to become Paul Mitchell's stylist, yet for a small town beauty salon owned by Dalia (Emmanuelle Chriqui). Not only does Scrappy Coco gives hair styling, but also.. some... extra... services, purely sexual to his old customers. But soon, people know who he is and things start ugly. Not to mention a guy named Waldbridge who wants to destroy the community and make a mall out of it. Will Zohan prevail?

The movie is a little uneven at times. Certain parts of it looks too serious, but certain parts truly blows your head off. It's nicely scripted if I may. And the main message serves to be there. Why do we need to have a war? Lets all live in peace. Why not? The acting is fine and ok, just the pacing is a little uneven that dampens things and makes us feel hard to catch sometimes.

If you adore Adam Sandler, this is a great movie for you. Otherwise, I'd rather you go for something like Forgetting Sarah Marshall instead. But definitely not in the cinemas. With this slapstick comedy, you'd know this movie to give good amount of fun to you. He'll definitely blow you away.

Back To Love: Music Review

If you've been to Rock Corner recently, chances are you might have noticed that they are exclusively and currently selling an album entitled Back To Love In Bossa Moments. Either it's played or displayed, you'll find it hard to ignore the songs in this album.

It's a 16 track album boasting from some of the latest and all time greatest hits, but in bossa moments. Tracks range from You're Beautiful, originally by James Blunt, Don't Stop The Music, originally by Rihanna and even to Fly Me To The Moon, originally by Frank Sinatra, and also Burt Bacharach/ Aretha Franklin's I Say A Little Prayer For You. At a price of RM44 90, I think this is hard to miss, especially to fans of the Bossa genre.

I love this album. In fact, the moment I listened to the songs, I was amazed by the arangements and the tunes linked to it. Imagine that you could make Don't Stop The Music into something really soothing and felt a little bit funky to it, on par with Rihanna's own original. It's not surprising that this sort of compilation has done before, but the tunes selected were great nonetheless. Even the playlist was managed accordingly and personally defines how latest hits could even become so soothing to the ear, and perhaps for some made even better. Personal favourites for me would be You're Beautiful, Fly me to The Moon, Just The Way You Are, and Bleeding Love.

The album is exclusively available only at Rock Corner, For fans of Bossa, go ahead and pick it up. For those who like to cruise into soothing tunes reading your favourite books or enjoying your favourite cruise, don't give this a miss. It'll soothe your days away.

Monday, August 18, 2008

21: Movie Review

Winner winner chicken dinner. That's what you get when you have 2 cards that equal to the number 21 in a game of blackjack. But this movie is more than just having a chicken for dinner. It's about how to turn blackjack into a money printing machine. But make no mistake, the term of card counting-which heavily applies in this movie- has actually been seen before in the movie Rain Man. Go find that out.

Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess) is a genius. 4 pointer all the way for us Malaysians. But for his standards, he's way beyond that. While wanting to write an essay in MIT for his Robinson Scholarship to get him into Harvard Med School, he found out that his lecturer, Mickey Rosa (Kevin Spacey) has ways to show him that blackjack might be even better then a 300k scholarship. Joining a team of bright students he learned card counting, the best startegy to play blackjack. From there, every single nerd's dream became true, at least, for a while. And yesm this is based on true events.

Jim portrayed correctly as a nerdy guy, and I was amazed at the character development actually. Yet, the latter moments in the movie i felt it was off. Kevin Spacey did strongly here, and I liked it very much. Overall, I believe that the only weak point here is audiences would've wanted to sample more of card counting. It was only 1 scene that showed how the system worked. Certain parts of the movie didn't really felt was neessary, so it was more of a filler to a 2 hour long movie. And I should also say that the script was nothing to boast about. It's too simple and felt queesy.

If you were looking for a gambling movie, this wouldn't be it. Best to keep watching that old God of Gamblers (the 1st one and the prequel mind you) and Casino Royale for much better depiction. But if you're interested in card counting, give this movie a shot. You'll come out the hall wanting to win big money then.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Movie Review

The link in the poster here would direct you to a blog written by Peter Bretter (Jason Segel) on how he hates his girlfriend of 5 years, Sarah Marshall (Kristin Bell) for breaking up with him and leaving him for mega rock star Aldous Snow (Russell Brand). Peter then decides to go to Hawaii to relieve things off and met Rachel Jansen (Mila Kunis). Funny thing though, Sarah is also at the same hotel, along with Aldous.

The marketing is charming. In fact, find a comment in Sarah Marshall's blog that actually had a cool comment from Jason Segel. Now, many may not know him, but he's been a great actor in How I Met Your Mother and I admire wholly on his acting skills. This is no different. He's great, along with all the other casts. The storyline however was a little tad typical. It's probably another "we-know-the-ending" type of story. But the real deal here is, 1 big problem that truly hampers this movie from being great from where I watch it. Specifically, where I watch it. Other thing else, it's a fun typical love movie.

There were 2 choices with this movie, censor it probably or don't show it at all. The thing is, the board didn't do so. It totally pissed me off when watching this movie. Honest. I'd be fine if it wasn't here at all. But here, in a very unprofessional way of censoring things, they did go on with it. And the best part, it wasn't even properly done. I could see nipples dammit.

The jokes were lewd and dirty. Very. In fact, I was hopelessly sitting in a room where people didn't really understand them. I could hear my echo of my own laughs, and people hardly understood. A few of the audiences next to me and behind me did understand most of it. I don't mind people don't laugh at the jokes, but hey, it's life.

I wouldn't really recommend taking this movie to the cinemas. That is only because of the unprofessionalism. That's it. Otherwise, for a fun and dirty movie, it's fine really. An Ok movie at it's best due to it's typical nature. So, Forget Sarah Marshall at the movies. But do rent her. :P

Wall E: Movie Review

Wow! Pixar just made a love movie! No kidding. This is actually beyond the stereotype family fun oriented movie. But still, this one isn't so far from being a family fun oriented movie, but the romance in this movie makes it so worth it that it stands higher above other Pixar movies.

Wall E is a robot that was built to clean up man's biggest problem and issue, garbage. The Earth became a place that was so full of garbage, from 1 big company that people escaped from them, 700 years ago, leaving the job to Wall E's. That is, until 1 left. This Wall E only has 1 cockroach as a friend, and lived a very lonely life. Wait, robots know loneliness? Owh they do. And Wall E, is yearning for love. That was, until came Eve, a super highly sophisticated robot looking for plant life in Earth. And Wall E knows, his journey to find love, just got much bigger.

From Pixar, the humans who gave you The Incredibles and Rattatouille, they have not dissapointed at all. I must say The Incredibles was very fun, but Wall E proves that it can pull off so many fun and laughter out of us that it made things truly great. The animation is top notch, and once again, the detail is beautiful, something that Blu Ray nuts would love to watch. Since the scenes were computer generated, lets move to the story then.

It was a little slow. When I was about to just say "Ah this is..." it then brought life back up to the movie. This is the only problem with the movie. Nothing else really. The voice acting brought the character's to life with emotions. And the romance is truly something to behold. This is actually a typical love movie where boy meets girl. Or... lets say its robot meet robot. But because of that, it's not typical anymore. It's different. Way different.

Props to Pixar once more for this animation. It's truly great once things throttle up til the last scene. And you wouldn't feel that regret of paying the money for it. Well, nuff said for me. What else are you doing here for? go on! :D