Sunday, November 21, 2010

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit: PS3 Review

If you think this is a reboot of the classic hot pursuit released in the old days, then you would be almost right. But this is actually a full reboot of the NFS series. After so many disappointing sequels (except for Shift, though by that time, people were really down and out), EA knew they need to do something, and so Criterion Games was called and now we get this. Thankfully, this is truly a wonderful experience!

Lets start with the game. There is no story. But don't get disappointed since you don't really need one. You can choose to be a Racer or a Cop, each progressing through levels, unlocking more races, cars, equipment, leveling up equipments until you get to rank 20. And that's about it. What makes this fun is the sheer collection of supremely awesome cars you can only imagine of owning. Lambos, Maserati's, Paganis, McLaren and so many more grace the title with pure awesomeness. Some people may complaint of not having Ferrari's and even Toyota in the game, but its still fine really.

If you're a racer, you can partake in race events or preview events of hot cars blazing through tracks in a time trial thingy. There will also be events where you need to dodge cops and win the race. That's a little bit more trickier, but truly very fun.

As a cop, you can also partake in preview events, go on a one on one high speed car chase (You always loved watching it, now go do it!), or take down multiple racers at any given time.

And then there's multiplayer. Bring your race event, one on one (called Interceptor) or Hot Pursuit events into the foray. The connection can be good, but best played close with everyone around your area. You may get jumping or blinking cars if you do choose to play with people further than you.

And then, there's Autolog.

have you ever noticed how Leaderboards are always so hard to tackle? Well, why no tackle one among your friends? The best part here is that Autolog even tells you if you're beaten by one of your friends. keep track of your time, post on the Wall (Somewhat like a Wall on facebook) and even add your friends who are playing the game. Autolog makes this game so addictive that it is so amazing to even be playing it with your friends. the downside is that, if you don't have friends, you won't have people to fight with. But still, Autolog is so central to the experience that nothing else matters.

I could use a better soundtrack, since I only like 2 songs in the whole game. The graphics are neat and it really feels great to be racing in the outdoors. No modern shit coming around you, and that's really fine. The roads were meant to be trashed anyways.

Closing Comments

If you have always loved racers and don't spending some money over Gt5, get this. It will be so worth your time because its so damn fun.

Graphics: Neat and crisp. there are some jaggies, but I can live with that.
Story: None. But who cares.
Gameplay: Just enough variety to keep you satisfied.
Replay value: Autolog will keep your blood boiling and make sure that you want to beat your friend, no matter how many times you have to take.

Kyo's Score: 9/10.