Monday, June 29, 2009

AirAsia trip to Gold Coast, Australia: Flight Review

What a flight to remember. I should say that this is the first time I flew on an airplane, and in fact, it is my first time flying overseas to another country. So, it was an honour and a pleasure to secure myself a free ticket last year in August, to make this trip to Gold Coast, Australia and to be graced by such beauty of a foreign country. This post will be about the flight, the aircraft, and those small minor details that I can divulge in.

My flight was supposed to have flown at 9.20 pm. However, there was a little bit of delay. I was thinking that the aircraft would be next to the gate, but this being LCCT, we had to walk a distance to the aircraft itself. When it rains, it would really be troublesome.

The aircraft boarded on was the Airbus A330. My aircraft however had an extra screen in front of us that provides various types of information available. Some however are locked and requires to be paid for RM30 to be unlocked. Locked content includes a bunch of movies, tv shows, music and the passengers disposable to watch on. However, the seat of the aircraft is a problem. ITS TOO SMALL. And the seat does not recline. It does, but so little that during my 8 hours of flight, I did not sleep. Instead, i was found sleeping in a library when my girlfriend was submitting her assignment.

The food, is so so. The Nasi Lemak is of OK standard, while the Big Bruce's BBQ Chicken was so devastatingly not similar to what is presented in the menu. It was a major dissapointment. The price however, was not worth it. It is common to have high prices for food and items in an aircraft, but the quality really does not match the value.

In other words, the flight itself is subpar. there's good value for money, but if my best friend can snag a RM 1600 return flight to UK, AirAsia X should at least do more and better to make sure its customers get an almost equal value for the flight. I was pleased with the entertainment system that lets us know where we currently are in the sky, but i think they can do better the next time. This wouldn't hamper my chances of flying again with AirAsia X, but i'd prefer having JetStar, minus their bad landings. Great job for making Malaysia proud AirAsia, I hope to see a better and improved service later on.

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