Monday, December 19, 2011

The IMAX Hall at TGV Sunway: Special Review

Since I wrote a nice piece on this and Blogger decided to become a bitch, here's how I felt in Short.

Con (The only one)
Its the smallest IMAX theatre TGV could afford. You're not getting the 5 storey screen treatment, but its still IMAX in every way possible.

-You may be able to notice the cropping when its in 35mm and in IMAX. But since the hall was small, the adjustment was barely notable.

Sound System
-TRULY AMAZING. My heart is pounding at every single IMAX scene that MI4 had. The sound delivers!!!

The seating
-Comfy and very spacious in terms of leg room.

The price
-Not bad at RM 22. Was expecting it to be RM 25 to 30. But the price makes it feel affordable and worth it.

My verdict
-The hall is an affordable Gold Class at GSC, and much better too. You're getting good value still as the screen is really in your face.

-BIGGER HALL PLEASE! And GSC, you know now what to do. So BRING IT!!!!

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