Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop : Wii Impressions

When I knew about Dead Rising for the Xbox 360, it got my attention as a very cool and endless way of getting yourself mauled by a whole lot of zombies. So, how would it feel when it went to the Wii then?

To start the comparisons, the graphics are lacking, but this is the Wii we are talking about. So, the graphics are ok, just that it feels a little bland. So, it's a little bit unacceptable. Capcom also decided to employ the engine used for Resident Evil 4 for the Wii. In other words, you get over the shoulder shooting mechanics when you use guns. The addition? It feels a little bit matching to the game since you are not killing waves of Zombies coming at you. Which is a problem.

The number of zombies coming at you, are minimal. So, Capcom was a little smarter to implement the RE4 engine consideirng how little are coming at you. They also seem to implement some big zombies to make it look as if it's a struggle to fight against. The shooting is spot on, meaning you can point and click as usual.

The HUD has been given a makeover. So, here we are also hoping that your reporter also sports bigger subtitles than the earlier make. Wiggling your wii remote to bat someone in the air will make you tired if you have to keep on doing it. Minus 1 point.

If the essence of the game is not touched, this should remain as great. 72 hours fighting your way through and through can be exciting, and plus Wii is lacking mature games. The lack of better option is gonna be a problem, but if you're desperate for some action before Madworld kicks in, this should keep you up for a while.

It's coming out on 24th February 2009, but you can pre-order it from me now or through Play-Asia to get your copy. Leave me a buzz and I'll get back to ya. Later!

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