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MadWorld: Wii Impressions

I'm your man. A very brutal man. :P

Ever since Mad World was unveiled, this game has seen controversy. Much like how GTA has done to the other consoles, this one is no different. A report from Ars Technica pointed out that a certain group of people got really mad at Mad World, believing that the console should be carnage-free. Here's my thought, get a life. This game looks very much awesome based on it's videos and hopefully based on what I've seen, it will deliver to the hardcore crowd as one big focus after the hype of Zelda.

The game stars Jack, a loner who seems to have been trapped in a game show called Death Watch. This is reality TV alright, but mixes something like The Condemned. The ultimate reward is of course a huge paycheck, and also, Jack's life. But based on the vids, Jack doesn't seem to be in it for the money. It definitely adds mystery to the game, and it makes us more enthusiastic over what it will deliver.

Now, lets talk visuals. It's black and white. So, before you get to thinking that this is a game that was made in the 50s, think again. Recent interviews with the Mad World team from, the visuals were intentional, since putting it in color would make it, just like any other action game. They didn't want that. And I'd frankly say, it's best that they stick it this way since the visuals are truly striking. Of course they can port this to the other consoles, but we'll get to why that shouldn't have to be. The videos also show that it is more of a comic coming to life. You don't get those old Batman Kapows and Bams filling the whole scene, but every effect seems to be accompanied with a word. The words actually accentuates what's going on in the game and tends to make you feel that you're some sort of a comic book artist for that matter. Besides, this game seems to be influenced by Sin City or even the Spirit. They call it Spot Color technique where it employs black and white drawings, but with 1 chosen color. This game's taking red, for gory and bloody battles.

One against 2 chainsaws? I think someone is jealous.

So gameplay. How do you play this? Here are some suggestions.

1. Use your fists and beat the crap out of people.
2. Impale someone with a Stop signs.
3. Throw a drum at people, or even let them wear one. Multiple paths can be done here.
4. Chainsaw, chainsaw, chainsaw, chainsaw.
5. Sabers, dual sabers.
6. Throw them like darts. Heck, there's even a minigame called Human Darts.
7. Keep thinking. There's a whole lot more.

Put it simply, this game is what the core gamers have been wanting. Jealous of Gears of War? Here's your answer. In fact, I'm starting to think it's even better. The view seems to be a carbon copy of God Hand for the PS2 (Seeing as how Platinum Games was also made up of people from the now defunct Clover Studios). But that's not a bad thing at all. It's more zoomed out giving you a better view compared to God Hand itself. Regarding the sound, I think you would like it that John Dimaggio (Famous for his role as Wakka in Final Fantasy X, Bender of Futurama, and Marcus Fenix for Gears of War) is involved as a commentator for Death Watch. What springs my heart more is actually Jack's VA. He sounds almost similar to Wolverine during the X-Men animated series. The music based on the trailers, is something of hip hop, but somehow fits with the game. So, perhaps more of the same goodness? We'll see. It did work for Rambo's arcade game. So, why won't this one?

That's a whole lot of ketchup sir. Would you like fries with that?

I'm dying to get a hands on with this game, but I don't think I will ever will get it. :D MadWorld has been confirmed for a March 10th release. There's a new video showing a live commentary from 2 guys on MadWorld (Viewable at only to offer more juicy clips of the game. I for one, can't wait.

Can't wait for the game to be released? I haven't opened up my Pre-Orders but you can do so at Play-Asia!

MadWorld for the Nintendo Wii (US) from Play-Asia

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