Friday, October 02, 2009

(500) Days of Summer: Movie Review

What a wonderful movie. That word seems to be coming out of my mouth often now. hehe. And its great. It really is a wonderful movie about love. Sadly, I wished I had the chance to also watch Paper Heart, but that's not possible. And this one is just great. :D

Tom Hasden (Joseph Gordon Levitt) is an architect major working in a greeting card company. He fell in love with Summer (hence the title of the movie, played by Zooey Deschanel), a secretary who does not understand what love means. He chased her, he got her, and then she dumps him out of the blue, and he's recuperating from the lost. What happens from there is for you to watch for I won't spoil the story.

The art style is terrific. The shots were simple and nothing was overblown in use. Script was also very simple, yet touches the reality that we are in. Everything except the art is portrayed so simple that everything clicks and works. Good job Marc Webb, you really did succeed here with your debut.

And to be frank, this is not a love movie. It is definitely a movie about love. And it is very wonderfully portrayed as one. The numbers were used to signify the day that Tom was in. The art and graphic used to represent the days also shows where Tom is and what is his current situation in the relationship. And the idea that uses multiple frames is also interesting.

I seriously recommend this to anyone. It is wonderful, fun, fine, and helps show the struggles of recuperating from a lost love. The ending should be shared, is also not a typical one. No, he does not get Summer, and you should watch why. The explanations about love may be hard to understand, but is very simply portrayed. This is definitely worth the money you can spend. The movie is also available at TGV Sunway Pyramid until 14 October only. So make it your top priority to watch it quick! :D

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