Sunday, October 18, 2009

Brutal Legend AfterThoughts

There are 3 things that I could consider regarding Brutal Legend after it has been released already. Tim Schaffer would know that his game would sell really well at the 360, but I'd want this on the PS3 also. So, do consider lad.

1. A jukebox option dang it.

Ok, so I invested USD 60 on this game, or lesser, depending on which region you bought it from. But if there's one thing a heavy metal game could use, is a frigging jukebox option. The menu start up is wonderful, even if you can see that occasional slight pause of transition from the vinyl cover. But I really wished there was a jukebox option where I could listen to all 100 songs from the game. I mean, why not? It did rock with the game flow, but why not with just itself? Future patch please... Would love to listen to all of them without having to play the game also. :P

2. An OST?

This is no brainer. If there's no jukebox, release every single song on an OST. This is one heck of a complilation, so EA, use your muscles. You can do this!

3. A jump button.

Ok, this one can't be changed anymore. But the opening scene actually gave an idea that Eddie could jump (Saving that idiot basisst I believe) and it would have made things a little more logical too. but, I guess the logic here is that this isn't really a game, but a fantastic story telling that tries to look as normal as possible (Guitars spouting lightning, Cars running without fuel). Its not a big thing, but it would be more fun.

And I must say, this as a biased opinion also, this is Game of the Month for me. I know, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves takes the cake. But put in 100 metal songs in a game, and I'm sold. :P Have a happy winter gaming season lads, we shall all be broke very very soon. :P

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aiyish said...

Halo 3 OSTD will be game of the year...its OSTD!!! STD!!!