Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Microsoft's E3 Press Con 2010: Kyo's View

My my. 2009 was great for Microsoft in terms of the press con battle. You've got the Beatles coming over, you got previews of nice games, and you've got Hideo Kojima coming in to preview MGS Rising.

How was 2010?


Yes, I got my COD Black Ops. Gameplay was nice. Yes I have my GEoW 3, which was also great. Yes I've got MGS Rising's teaser with a little bit of gameplay and Raiden sucking juice from some robot's spine. Yes I've got Halo Reach and Fable 3 making appearances.

And yes I have Xbox Kinect and the redigned 360 hardware.

That's it. And to top off last year's performance, they gave away free 360s. And yes, audiences love free stuff.

So Microsoft leveraged highly on Core games first, and then the casual side of games. Now, Microsoft, i need you to be more innovative rather than giving me rip offs of other consoles. Dance Central? If you have more hits than Just Dance then bring it. Kinect Sports? Urgh, why? Kinectimals? Sigh...

Being in a Ferrari, yeah that sounds like a fresh take. So, GT5? When are you going to show what's in a Ferrari then?

I was really hoping for new announcements. Or at least surprises. But, no. Now, lets hope that the other press cons can deliver. Beginning with, NINTENDO.

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