Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sony E3 2010 Press Conference: Kyo's View

I slept during this, but managed to read all about it. And thank God Sony has good things in store for everyone!

Starting the conference was...3D for the PS3! And yeah, the whole auditorium saw KZ3 in 3D, but sadly not everyone else outside. But hey, its ok. Some games like Super Stardust HD and Wipeout will be available in 3D, and that was just the start of things.

Very excited on how Sly Cooper's Collection will be available in 3D for the PS3. Man, 3 games in 1, please tell us it'll be cheap...

And then, Playstation Move. Not so impressive if you ask me, but more details need to be shown. Good thing is, you don't see Move copying what Nintendo has and is focusing on new titles (unlike the jackass who did).

Finally, there's Kevin Butler. LONG LIVE KEVIN BUTLER!!! (The actor really. Thank you God for giving Sony some sense to bring in the big man who gave us all a character that we could laugh and love).

We did get a peek at Medal of Honor, which looked nice. And then, Sony pulled off the shocking thing, which was Portal 2. Well, the guy hates the PS3, but I guess he got spiritual enlightenment. :P

So, 3 conferences from the 3 giants are out. My verdict? The clear winners were Sony and Nintendo. Both at a tie. The reason, they both presented new technology for the masses (3D PS3 games, and movies later, 3DS) and some very great looking games (3DS wins more on this because the support will be immense. 3D FF7 anyone? :P) Well, there's next year Microsoft. Our money's on Move and 3DS. Not Kinect. Sorry.

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