Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Inception: Movie Review

When a movie establishes a set of rules, it will strictly follow those rules to the end. What Inception does to its viewers is throw so much of the rules that you actually need to bring in your brain to the cinemas to truly enjoy this movie. This isn't The A-Team (which I still feel biased and love that more over this. :P), and this might just be the beginning of a bigger sensation then what the current trend is doing, discussing about a movie that would probably leave a big impact in our lives (whether you notice it or not). To sum things up, go watch it and find out. But if you're intrigued to find out my gripes about the movie, read on.

Dom Cobb (You-jump-I-jump-man) is an extractor who excels at stealing ideas within your subconscious through dreams. After a nasty string of events, he was forced to go on the run and longs to return home to his kids. His chance props up when Saito (Ken Watanabe) offers him a chance of salvation, but only through inception. Inception is the act of implanting an idea within a person's mind, that would lead him to believe that it is his own. It would stay with the person because the act will be done subconsciously (and I have had experiences that your dreams and subconscious can be VERY motivating). Assembling a team of experts, they travel deep within the mind of Robert Fischer Jr. (Cillian Murphy) to do the act. But, for a concept that has never been existed before, would it be possible?

There's no doubt the cast is fantastic. And kudos to Joseph Gordon Levitt, Tom Hardy (Major kudos from me), Ken Watanabe (Damn, his English is really excellent, no where near powderful) and even Cillian Murphy (who I believe gets more screen time). Leo is no doubt at his prime, which i don't need to mention anyway (And for those of you who still think he's the same guy from Titanic, go watch Blood Diamond and The Departed. You don't get nominated for two movies at the same time in the same year).

Perhaps the main star of the movie is the story, its director and its editor. The director did a great job (as Nolan has always done ever since Memento) and the editing for this movie is also fantastic (so much of weaving that it all fits perfectly).

The movie may riddle you to ask what really happened and what's going on (maybe a little spoiler there. :p) but as it is the star, I won't spoil much over here. Just that a good concentration and observation may answer most of the question that will pop up.

So, my gripes? lets begin with action. While you have the fantastic zero gravity action sequence (Kudos JGL for a very good performance and knowing where to go to make things look so seamless), the rest of it felt ho hum. But however, i do begin to understand this part. You see, we as humans would be limited to certain thoughts and limitations (mere human beings would be practical, not imaginative). Hence in the dreamworld, we're treated with some sort of mild mannered action sequences that doesn't look bombastic or innovative (only exception was Zero Gravity).

There was also a moment that I felt was a little too much to explain. It could have been done simpler (because I was wondering how much time has passed, and my answer was "not much"). It was only in the early sequences that it suffered this problem.

Putting all that aside, I still believe this is a wonderful movie that I would recommend for all to see. Its not too taxing (If you want something that really is taxing, go for Insomnia and Memento. Those are worse) but you need to open yourself up to the concept and listen carefully.

Owh, as for the ending, if you ask me, it was better that way. Why? Well, go watch it then you'll know. :P

Kyo's point: 9 out of 10. Minus 1 due to ho hum action sequences and draggy feeling at the first. And lucky you JGL. Hope you get that Riddler part (Though, Rainn Wilson don't look so bad either.)


Anonymous said...

Well, WE, (me and my husband) "admittedly we are really, really OLD - we are 67 and 69" took our brains along to this movie. We had read the "brilliant" reviews in the paper and went along expecting a fantastic experience. (THIS COMING FROM ONE WHO IS EXTREMELY INTERESTED IN THE HUMAN BRAIN, PSYCHOLOGY; MENTAL ILLNESS ETC. ETC.) but we left the theatre asking ourselves - "WHAT ON EARTH WAS THE LAST TWO AND A HALF HOURS ALL ABOUT????".

Sorry, but we have no idea - and I like to think that I have a better than average understanding of the human mind: Maybe the movie is BRILLIANT - but it is probably TOO brilliant for 99.99% of movie audiences. HEY the other day we saw "KNIGHT AND DAY" - I hate Tom Cruise but I quite enjoyed the movie. I LOVE Leonardo di Caprio, but sorry to say - this movie did nothing for us - we left reeling from the effects and won't recommend it to anyone!

Pure Raver said...

Ah its alright. Maybe its just not your movie. But if you do dream, maybe you would understand a little bit further. Do read up on lucid dreaming. It might help. :D