Thursday, August 05, 2010

Salt: Movie Review

When it comes to food, I like them less salty than the normal. Most of the time I would be eating saltless food or just a little bit. But this movie, has proven to me that it is a little too salty to my liking (That means, its a bad thing to me).

Evelyn Salt (Jolie) is a CIA agent. When a Russian Spy defects and unveils that Salt apparently is a secret agent working for Russia, she is being hunted down. Knowing that she is innocent, she goes out on a run to clear her name. But something else is brewing, something much bigger than Salt's worth as an agent.

I hate movies that gives me the ending after 20 minutes of watching it. This is that movie. Because of that, I tried to sit down and see if there's anything else worth watching. Sadly, there's not much.

So obviously the plot was poorly conveyed and the editing was poorly done (you can throw away some scenes but NO... you had to put them in). The shots, worst. I DON'T NEED CLOSEUPS. Seriously shots were horrendous.

Script gets cheesy and dull. But scores were good though. But not enough.

And about Jolie, yeah, she's great in this one. Hands down for that. But I think i blame the script and the director for making me guess what the hell is Salt trying to do actually. We don't even know what emotion she's feeling (COME ON!).

To my book, its a weak movie and its probably one of the weaker offerings this year. Now to see how Last Airbender bombs the cinemas.

Kyo's score: 3/10. Only for the good score and Jolie. Sorry miss. This movie is just too bad to taste.

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