Thursday, June 30, 2005

On different grounds...

! a!nt here for no ch!ck
!'m here for the cl!ck
!'m stump l!ke !ce p!ck
!'m smooth n so sl!ck!
!'m far from my home
!'m all on my own
! stand on top a dome
Make dreams, not drones
!'m here to acqu!re knowledge
!'m so shy !N th!s college
!'m force to take pledges
So far there's no cases!
feel the need for the grudges
Cuz th!Ngs are bound by ledges
Homes!ck !s f!Ne
Love !s so bl!nd
Why must ! f!nd
A gurl that's so f!Ne
! probably requ!re frens
s!nce !'m alone need!Ng frens
! got some n ! can blend
w!th gurls or guys who could mend
my house !s really hot
my body feels so hot
! know !"m really hot
G!rls are call!Ng ! sure have got
Th!Ngs are great ! know !'ll part
G!rls come !N green, yellow, black, red n blue
!"m a fellow w!th constant rule
l!fe !s a hassle !t a!n't no b!tch
The pres !s good, but some are b!tches
Who th!nk for herself
sk!pp!Ng her p!tches
They judge me by the cover
Act!ng like leeches
suck!ng my blood money, n r!ches
! feel so great, n feel!Ng so r!te
Cuz !'m good, great n so l!ght
Feel the gaze, breeze n sun l!ght
! got a ch!k ! want to b!te!

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