Sunday, June 19, 2005

The ramblings of an old fool.

These are the rambl!ngs of an old fool
These are the words of a tempered fool.
These are the sentences of a wannabe cool.
And these are the phrases of an !d!ot!c fool.

!'m old now,What have you got to say about me now?
! asked you to pray, but look who's sm!l!ng now?
! asked you to learn about the ways of l!fe.
Yet you k!cked !t as!de and dec!de to l!ve l!fe.
What you gonna do !f you don't have a job?
A job at least !t has concern w!th h!p hop
A l!fe w!th no job !s not a bounce or a lob
U better pray u don't match a corn cob
! beg of you not to l!ve l!fe up
But to rem!n!sce and help others stand, up!
!ts not too b!g
Nor !t !s too small
!ts the most least
That you could do for all
Don't let your parents suffer
As they ra!sed you for the better.
as they helped youto b an ach!ever
as they gu!de you towards happ!ness forever
L!sten plz to me for wat ! have to say
!'d always hoped that you start chang!ng today
Make the world better for us all to stay.
!t'll make a d!fference ! what we shall say.
Don't run away
L!fe !s always here to stay
Problems can be eas!ly sorted out w!th a frens way
Even !f ur fam!ly wreaks havoc !N every s!ngle way.
Ur frens are always there for u and they stay.
Follow God, and H!S rel!g!on
Un!te and stand tall to form a leg!On
That can real!se all where l!fe !s worth a ment!On.

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