Thursday, June 30, 2005

Never ask too much, just be content with the little...

2 years ago
! dec!ded to enroll
!N what would never b the b!ggest m!stake
That ! have ever told
! went to the l!brary
Opt for a l!brar!an
REturned back !N the pos!t!on
Of the most well known samar!tan
At pr!me school
Th!Ngs were never too cool
!'m always mocked
Never stopped act!ng l!ke a fool
Back to the secondary
! met a cute ! almost called her honey
We had n!ce d!gs, best laughs, tears and sm!Les that last
For a moment, ! thought th!ngs would go on a blast
! remembered
What my frens would have told me
That ur the testee
And l!fe's a b!g mystery
We plan, He dec!de
They were cool, that's alr!te
But th!ngs were hot
Not ton!te
She got mad and she threw me of the l!te
! never knew what went wrong
Or mayb ! was meant for the wrong
PErson, !Mpress!Ons are purely co!Nc!dence
When we keep on search!Ng for the mask
That's just leg!tament
!'ll keep search!ng
! can never stop! don't want to end my l!fe just as a h!p hop
! wanted a fren
Maybe just someone to call and lend
A help!Ng hand and purely ! do not want those who pretend
A guy or gurl
Doesn't matter Who ! Would end
Just that someone ! trust
And does not backstab me !N the end
What goes
!t'll flow
We're pawns
!t shows! know what m!ght be g!ven or unfold
A story done but never told
!'m glad
! found not only just the one
But maybe two !s enuff
For a fren and a gurl would be tough
But L!fe's l!ke that
Don't ask for too much
Or soon regret that
What you say mayb a way to get away
From real!ty or mayb just a s!ngle day
! felt that 2 !s enuff
Mayb 4 could get me tough
1 gurl and 3 guys
!t's for sure
! know the mean!Ng of

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