Monday, July 04, 2005

Guilty feelings

!'m sorry my baby boo
! d!dn't mean to do th!s to you
!'m only human, ! am fool
! feel you, ! love u boo

You's a f!Ne ch!ck
Great, f!ne and all sl!ck
You're so good to me
You sure are a good p!ck
You loved me although we f!ght
Stayed up all n!ght
Had to k!ss u each n!ght
gotta g!ve u a good n!ght
! know u loved to g!ve pl!ght
Though u never seem to board a fl!ght
Stuck w!th me n!ght n br!ght
never thought u'd see me cheat
Never thought !'d b so weak
Never knew !'d b so bl!nd
! cheated u but ur
st!ll so k!nd
!'m really s!ck
U asked to p!ck
! took u for granted
! felt remanded
Sorry ! made u feel tat way
U always told me to go my way
!'m not worthy for u to play
But hell ! love u anyway


At t!mes u would cry
For how ! could be
You never tot ! would l!e
That !Nterested me
!'m a human as ! can be
Though the th!Ngs are r!ght for me
Yet a fool !'ll always be
Never enuff that's how ! c
As a fool that's how ! l!ve
Yet my all ! w!ll just g!ve
Ur pa!N !t does hurt me
Cuz ! love u that's how !t'll b
My love w!ll last for u
Every second and year for u
!f u want love, u know !'ll do
Marr!age !n hand ! bel!eve that's cool
Cuz !N all ! am just a fool
Wat makes th!s great !s how r we
When we're lonely, we get crazy
But for now !'ll say sorry
S!nce ! cheated u, ! felt !t badly
For all ! know !'ll stay sorry
Cuz ur my all n too lovely


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