Sunday, May 11, 2008

Iron Man: Movie Review

This is Iron Man. And that is the poster for it. I liked this one better than any other poster though. Looking at the glow, it looks cool.

So lets get to the point, the movie itself. I have only a small background of watching Iron Man cartoons when I was smaller, and I must say I like the part in the cartoon where Tony wore his armor in an unrealistic way where its only half of the armor looking from the front, and it surrounds the whole body. The one Jon Favreu emphasized was more logical and practical. So, I'd say the movie was still good either way.


This was a movie without any romance seen. And you thought Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) and Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) would hit a fling, but this superhero movie escaped from that. I had actually thought, through the trailers that Marvel would do it again. Guess I got it wrong.

*End of Spoiler*

Having Robert Downey Jr. is great in this movie. Its exactly how I wanted it, but, there are some things that I might be skeptical on. I believe the Tony in the cartoons and comics, was a much more gentlemen after donning his armor. Perhaps in the beginning of this trilogy (hopefully), they show Tony as a genius, and playboy-ish time of a man. Very accurate in fact that he deserves the role. Gwyneth was great as Miss Potts, showing how loyal she is to her boss, and Jeff Bridges makes a very stunning example of how to be a nutcase bent on wanting total domination.

This movie is great, even with the changes of the real core story (The real story happened in Vietnam, but this one took its turn somewhere else near Gulmira). I had hoped for more of Iron Man being shown in the movie, but the action sticks to where it counts.

I'd say this is Marvel's one of a kind movie, that will be going head to head with a brilliant cast of movies this summer (In the US that is). I've talked Speed Racer and Indy is coming soon. Expect that review out of me later when I get the chance.


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