Thursday, May 08, 2008

Speed Racer: A Review

I went to the movies a few hours earlier. Speed Racer just got out. So, I went mad before my finals, to just get a show on, and relax abit more.

Here's what I think. Fasten your seat belt, its going to be a wild ride. You can see drifts, jumps, and car symphony in the making. The background, while most of it is in green screen, still shows some sets that are brightly colored. To me, this is definitely a tribute to the old cartoon of the yesteryears. You won't be disappointed at all watching this.

Emile did a good job in his acting, Rain's English is impressive, and the cast really shows what Speed Racer can truly offer. Of course, the main star is actually the Mach 5, Speed's car. The tracks are awesome and the atmosphere is tremendous. It felt like I was driving the ride, jumping and spinning all over to make sure I get through the end of the race (Movie I mean).

There are some flaws though, as I don't see the need for a kung fu part in the movie. That part could've been better.

Well, that's the gripe I seem to only have. When this movie comes out in Blu Ray, pair it with a 1080p tv and you will want to watch too many times until you remember back the whole theme song of the old Speed Racer.

Suffice to say, GO SPEED RACER GO!


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