Thursday, May 29, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: Movie Review

Indy Indy Indy. You might think this is a movie for old bags, since the last one was on the end of the 80's. But I should really make it clear that not only this movie is a great tribute the old 3 movies, but this one actually does some parts better. Suffice to say, it's still money well spent.

The gyst is this, its 1957 and Indy gets kidnapped by Nazi's (Again, the theme doesn't run from there.). The Nazi's are very determined to get their hands on the crystal skull to harness the power of mind controlling and thingamajigs. When Indy found out, he knew that the skull has to be returned to its rightful place. Now, I won't spoil the story anymore but suffice to say its a get-to-the-finish-line-asap kind of movie.

The characters are great. Indy is still Indy. Still the same old scared-of-snakes-man. Haha. Shia Le Bouf did good as Mutt Williams, a greaser who somehow has a fond knowledge of archeology, something you don't see when a man loves his bike more than him running around scavenging. And then there's Cate Blanchett, who I really thought was a Russian chick, but that impression didn't last really long actually. She looks a bit weak in this movie, compared to Elizabeth though. But nonetheless, she's not bad in this one.

Now as I said earlier, this movie is more of a good tribute to the older ones. Why? There are really great references that can be had to the older movies, but that only happens in the earlier parts. Later on, you'd get shocked on a few more surprises, which should be something that the older guys would remember. hehe.

In all of the Indy movies, this one couldn't compare to how fun The Last Crusade was, but it stands a bit higher than the other 2. Though I'm a bit biased that I favored The Temple of Doom more due to more humor and a witty kid, I'd say this one is better anyways. This movie is somehow, a bit far off from the things that I thought. The ending would make you feel a bit surprised if you've been following Indy's past expedites. But at least, this is much much better than telling yourself to watch National Treasure: Book Of Secrets.

So go ahead and have a blast of watching an older man with his fedora hat, and, the whip. You'd definitely be surprised what a part time "teacher" does with his life. :D


pinkrain said...

bursa, have u ever thought of working with tgv or gsc?
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Pure Raver said...

Ngahahaha. Orang Besi! hehe.

Maybe cinemaonline? They give reviews online and in their magazines, and I like doing the writing for it. hehe.