Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Incredible Hulk: Movie Review

You will like it when Hulk is angry. But you would not like it so much on the other parts when Hulk is not angry. But still, it is encouraged to make Hulk hungry... eh, i meant angry. You'll find that joke when you see it. :)

Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) is a gifted scientist experimenting on gamma radiation. He was so sure that he'd found a way of making gamma radiation work for him, but everything obviously went wrong. So, he is now on a refuge to evade the army led by General Ross (William Hurt), leaving his beloved Elizabeth *Betty* Ross (Liv Tyler) and going against a new recruit English recruit named Emil Blonsky(Tim Roth), or the latter man known as Abomination.

This movie isn't a sequel to Ang Lee's Hulk. In fact, this is a new movie about Hulk, which in account already is the 3rd version of the movie parts (Spiderman was also filmed in the older days, where they had 2 versions of the opening. The older had lots of sequels.) Better yet, this is even better than Ang Lee's version. Sorry my friend, though you did do a good movie to me, but this one by Louis Leterrier has achieved a good level of praise. But, I recall hearing someone say it was as good as Iron Man, but I would really beg to differ.

The movie's plot is well portrayed. But it lacks the certain "oomph" to make it feel that we are sitting on the edge. The camera shots and angles were neatly crafted, but there are some loose ones in the movie itself. Like the chase scene, could've been done better with a bit more of positioning on the shots. The scripting was ok, and so so. But it gets to the job done well.

Ed Norton did good than Eric Bana, period. He portrays what we know of a scientist, scared of something within him and really is doing his best to get rid of it. His body frame and size makes it a really big contrast between him and the Hulk, which is great to serve as a man who is weak and small. Liv Tyler, hurm she could've done a bit more better on her expressions and tone of voice, but she still gets the job done as a leading lady. In my opinion, Jennifer Connelly could've taken the part back and made it better by a little bit. Tim Roth was a bit...confusing. I wasn't quite sure of how he got into the whole mess and really unsure of what his character is supposed to be. good or bad? mean or kind? justice or obsess? Try figuring it out for me. William Hurt, fits perfectly. Perfectly speaking, the man was made for this role as General Ross. He gives a show as a army man, and also as a father only wanting what's best for his daughter. Nuff said.

Action sequences were finely crafted, and the amount was what i was hoping for from Iron man. The action, for me was better than Iron Man. Jokes were there, and good too. The chase scene is a good display of military tactics but as earlier said the camera could've been positioned better. Louis told interviewers that he wanted the movie to have doors open. And surely he did, but some loose ends were definitely not tied, because they should have been at the very least.

If you've watched the old 1st version of The Incredible Hulk, you'll be happy to see Lou Ferrigno in the movie. In fact, he was helping to voice Hulk for the movie, and he did a great job on it. His voice and script would definitely make fans cheer. And with every Marvel movie, there's Stan Lee ey? This one too. So, have fun watching him ey?

I liked Ang Lee doing the 2nd version of the movie. It was an ok movie to me. But this one was much better in comparison. The incredible has arrived, and it is by far a great ride to the finish. But don't expect the ending to be satisfying, but it should leave you with a good amount of interest to see a better sequel.

PS: If I'm not wrong on this, do your best to make sure to see 1 last scene of General Ross drinking. And do watch Iron Man's last teaser to further understand what I mean. The man will be talking to the General, and lets hope for the best the next big movie, and I mean really big movie, will come. :)

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