Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wanted: Movie Review

I was thinking this movie was to have Bon Jovi's Wanted Dead or Alive, but it seems that it isn't really necessary to fit with the movie's dark and entertaining theme. Indeed, this is an R rated movie to be kept away from kids, and definitely is the best one by far to be had in this summer. In fact, I think this is much much better than Kung Fu Panda (Though, I was not able to catch it myself today. Darn it.)

Meet Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy), an accountant manager sitting in a cubicle repeating the same thing in life over and over again with an annoying and cheating girlfriend, a very horrible boss and a double crossing best friend to top the things off. What a horrible life indeed, that was until he met Fox (Angelina Jolie), a trained assassin that helped him meet with Sloan (Morgan Freeman), the man behind the Fraternity, an association made for assassins to be trained to pull of hits on men all over the world. The motto, kill 1 and save a thousand.

Ever watched a Mazda drifting on the sides of a building? If you do, you've probably at least watched the trailer of Day Watch, the movie made by the visionary director Timur Bekmambetov. He brought Day Watch and Night Watch to life from the books, and now he did Wanted, which is so much better than the two. In fact, those 2 movies were already amazing that I thought this one was nearly incomparable.

The plot is really well crafted and this movie ties up what was needed. Though, there are some parts that are worthy of mention to further address back the lack of clear clarification. Perhaps a "i know why they did so" part of the movie. The script is great, provokes us to truly think of what is our real destiny. And the shots were great too, just that the flaws are so minor that you'd probably just ignore it considering the experience was already great enough.

James, this was a character for you. You were amazing in covering up your Scottish accent, and you really deserved this away from your role in the first Narnia. Angelina Jolie was smoking in this one, and if guys thought that her hot body was enough to buy a ticket for this movie, please do more than that and appreciate her role as Fox since she was really good in this. Morgan Freeman was great in his role. But I think his role in Batman Begins was the best by far. Still there are some quirky moments of Morgan's acting that made a lot of sense and made the movie much more entertaining. The cast of supporting actors were also great (They even had a Russian in there, haha.) and fits everything back in place.

I'm an action junkie, and I may attest this is a really worthy movie in comparison of other tough guy hero flicks. I was amazed by Len Wiseman's ability on providing solid action scenes in Live Free and Die Hard, but Wanted makes everything much better with a great story to boot and providing even crazier action scenes. The jokes are spot on, though perhaps in Malaysia, some of them aren't truly spot on to begin with for their taste. But still, the jokes work well.

We could really tell ourselves that we have a big relation to Wes. He is just like anybody else in this never realizing his true potential of what he may really be. Not to say that we are made to be assassins, but we have something deep within us that we feel is there for us to unearth. You could really see the struggle and remorse that you'll feel on Wes and bound to have you thinking of your own life.

Go watch this movie. Stop reading my review and go. From story to action, from running and gunning to crazy investions with mice, you will love this movie. To Timur, great job and great team. But 1 flaw, how come the gun didn't bring out the sound? Your hiding it? :P To end this, I would like to quote from Wesley which I think is the best quote I've heard in a long time.

"What the f*ck you've done lately?"

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