Friday, June 06, 2008

No More Heroes: Wii Game Review

Ever heard of someone toying with the idea of insanity in a game? Well, if you've met Suda-san, creator of the original Killer 7 series for Capcom, you'll feel that No More Heroes is exactly like being at home. Honestly, the psychoticness never ends. And that means its very good.

The game revolves on Travis Touchdown, the guy holding some kind of sword that emits light to it (in other words, a light saber. :P) He finds himself killing a some guy named Helter Skelter and ends up being number 11 in the rankings of Assassins. His goal, to only fight someone better than him, and end up as number one.

The game is very very different from any that I've encountered before, and it's a really great change to playing other standard action games (Remember God Hand? That was uber fun. :D). The game plays in third person view, and you walk around killing people. And somehow, also doing some side jobs like picking up coconuts, moving lawns and so on. Game reviewers have rated this game as purely psychotic as there is really no sense of playing this game, because it never made any sense. Besides, when was the last time a protagonist ever said he only wanted to be number 1? That is exactly where this game charms.

In battle, you'll fight using the A button. To stun opponents, go for the B trigger. The Wii-mote is waggled to do finishes, which are very very fun to do and look at the gore for it. The nunchunk is used to control Travis and also as a bonus for wrestling moves. Of course, it makes no sense again to do wrestling moves when you have a light saber right? But, it is a great move to use that when your opponent is on the floor, you can execute a downed kill by just pressing the A Button when it flashes on screen. And since its a light saber, you have to charge it when it goes low. What, you think it uses UV lighting? To charge it, erh, you need to waggle it left and right. But it also works if u, urh, follow what Travis is doing on screen. Do it to feel embarassed if you're a guy. :P The Wii-mote speaker is of good use as you can hear sounds of the light saber flashing, listen to the phone call by that psychotic lady, and other intersting little tunes that just works with the game.

The game centers most on killing, and that's it. It's fun to play some training games, buy some clothes, hunt for treasure, or cruise in the city with a big big big bike, and somehow it doesn't get boring.well, except for the bike part, but we'll get to that later. The boss battles range from great to awesomely challenging. Some are easy to figure, but I won't be surprised if you find yourself dying a few times, because the challenge is hard and worth it.

But, I should say that all good games do come to a bad point. The city feels, necessary and unnecessary. Necessary, because the treasure hunting and Lovikov balls make it so, and the un part, is because some locations are too darn far to travel. We also see lots of problems with the city as Travis could somehow skid to the left when he rams a car. And people don't splatter in blood. Man... The battle is spot on, yet some minor improvements could've been made on that baseball part.

The graphics are cel shaded. Just like Killer 7, Auto Modelista, Viewtiful Joe and so on. Yet, Suda-san wanted to use additional touches like pixelated graphics. And honestly, it looks awesomely charming. Ah, maybe I'm biased because I'm more of a pro pixel junkie, hehe. but still, even the sound sizzle as it reminds you of hearing tunes from the older days. Man, talk about nostalgic. The dialouge is good, but the lady needs to either be Japanese or French, and not both, because she sounds like a Japanese attempting to be French.

Overall, there are good action games, and then there's No More Heroes. This is obviously a good killing game that will last you for a good amount of time, along with being senseless and great to be certified for. If you could overlook the minor problems, you won't be surprised by landing yourself with the great game.

PS: Thanks to Corez for lending me the copy to review it. hehehe. :D Owh, and if you do get the game and want to get to the motel early from somewhere far away it, just fly into the river or sea, you'll get there back easily. :P


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