Monday, February 02, 2009

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans: Movie Review

Every war has a beginning. Of course. There wouldn't be World War 2 if there wasn't World War 1 right? We'd just get stuck with one world war. But putting that sort of argument aside, Underworld aims to tell the story of what happened before the war of Vampires and Lycans began.

Lucian was a different sort of a Lycan, a werewolf to be exact. He was born human, and was spared of his life from the Vampire lord. Lucian grew up as a sad case. He only was given the rank of a blacksmith where his home is a prison cell, and his life is filled with him infecting others turning them into Lycans like him. Lucian believes that no Lycan should be treated in that manner, and leads an assault of freeing the other Lycans, and finally beginning a war when his love, Sonja, a vampire, gets involved.

The story is more made to Underworld fans. The first movie was a fantastic one (Credits to Len Wiseman for that) and this is made to further tell us what is there to be seen many years ago before the war had began. The plot is simple, yet hits where it counts. Shots taken were ok, and the musical score fits well.

What I find lacking is that even though the action is gory and brutal, the scripting is a little dissapointing. It really felt that it could have been done better. The acting is alright, but Sonja seems to be a little of weaker part compared to the rest. The dark tone of the movie is great indeed, ending with bright lights as a portrayal of hope.

Newcomers had better watch the other movies first before this. I can tell you that certain things had lead me to certain confusions, but that is due to the fact that I forgot what Underworld 1 had a lot of and what Underworld 2 was all about. The end should be appeasing to fans, so, this is at least to hope for a fourth Underworld to fully tie things up. Silver bullets will be ready.

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