Tuesday, May 12, 2009

RaRiRuReRo on holiday again!

A little quick announcement. For KOF nuts, Mature and Elisabeth Branchorte has just been confirmed for US consoles. Sadly, there's no Story mode this time, just arcade mode. Probably no boss too. Big bummer maybe.

The other news is I will be taking a break from updating this blogsite for a while. Maybe until end of this month, and then a short one later for my Australian trip. reason? I need to finish my studies this month and I need to fully concentrate. You can still find me at LowYat.net, so no worries. :p

Have a great month everyone! :D


whyeo said...

i think it takes less time to blog than to spam at LY no?

Pure Raver said...

I spend more time blogging than giving a post at LYN. :P