Monday, May 04, 2009

Sony's PS3 Wireless Headset: Gadget Review

To pull things off, this time I'm gonna add some new reviews. The first of the planned ones is the gadget section, where tricks of the trade that might just impress anyone goes here. From drillers to super high end knick knacks, it'll be under this title. This time, it's the PS3 Wireless Headset.

The headset in this picture, is actually small. So don't be fooled. I thought at first it would be big and long, but instead it looks short and sweet. In fact, the style looks really nice and that alone actually warranted me a purchase.

The performance? it works great with my phone (A Sony Ericsson W300i) and even with my Skype applications (Via VOIP bluetooth). The standby time and talk time can really take a beating, while the charge time, may seem a little long at 3 hours. I was hoping it'd be 2 hours for a full charge, but that's alright. The sound is clear, although 5 points of volume control may be hard to stomach for some. It fits nicely in my earlobes and doesn't give any stress, provided you really snuck the headset in nicely.

My only gripe with this is only the manual that came with it. Mine is the Asian version, yet the manual really offers so little that I was mind boggled on how to effectively use the headset with my phone. There's not even a troubleshooting part for users. Sony should look into that.

Besides that minor gripe, this is an excellent headset and worthy of good praise. I like how you can charge it through the dock or with the USB cable, though it could use a longer extension. but still, loving it! :p


Kei-End said...

Aisey...forgot to give you the links for online version of the manual. Last time when i tried to paired it to my friend's lappy, i use the manual on the net, not the hardcopy. LoL

as for the extension, i use my Dualshock 3 charging cable for it :P

Pure Raver said...

Takper. My problem now, my software doesn't handle VOIP. huge bummer. :D And the USB cable is too short for my taste.