Monday, May 04, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine: Movie Review

Did you know that the reason why I watched this movie, is actually for the guy standing behind Hugh Jackman on the right? And yes, it's those 2 guys, but mainly the first one. I've always loved Ryan Reynolds and hearing him become Wade Wibson, made me jump in joy. Unfortunately, and a very big unfortunate part, he was only available and talking for perhaps less than 10 minutes. Taylor Kitsch is also interesting since he's Gambit, and the sly but sweet talking guy had his fair share of moments, but wasn't that fulfilling either. Still, this is Hugh Jackman's movie where we learn of Wolverine's origins and how he became who he is, or so we think.

The story jumps straight to Wolverine's involvement with the Government. After leaving his old team and deciding to go on a sedentary life, murders of his old team succumbs him to go after Sabretooth, said to be responsible of the killings. We then get to the creation of Weapon X, or 10 for that matter and see Wolverine unleash hell. What happens then? You'd have to find out yourself now.

The movie excels in the drama part, because the director is known for drama sequences. The action however, is bland and maybe just a little too cheesy. The shots weren't done well either, but the sound effects does justice and the actors do what they need. Even Hugh sounded more like Steve Blum (One of the guys in charge of Wolverine's voice in X-Men Games) or his other predecessors for this matter. The effects were also grandeur too.

But that stuff doesn't really save this movie from being able to satiate action fans. Perhaps an R rating would help in the violence and action department. So, here's to all of us, who want to see more of Gambit and Deadpool in their own movies. I really wish Marvel bucks up and decide that Deadpool would be the best thing ever made, considering how quirky of a character he is. So, for a simple taste of Jackman's good old acting and some simple action and laughs, this one should be just right. But obviously not full price admission.

PS: In case you do go watch it, do wait until the credits have rolled. Sequel? You betcha? But where? Well, simple hint, Japan. Owh yeah...


Kei-End said...

aku dah agak dahhhhhhh....sure ada extra scene lepas credit cam Ironman ari tuh.

Japan?'s time to take out Lady Deathstrike & Silver Samurai

Pure Raver said...

Mariko, bukan Lady Deathstrike. Lady Deathstrike anak kepada doctor yang buat adamantium bonding process.

Kita kena ada Mariko ngan Silver Samurai. And bapak Mariko, which can really kick Wolverine to bits.