Friday, August 06, 2010

Batman: City of Scars: Fanmade Film Review

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To begin, go over to Over there, go ahead and find Batman: City of Scars and you will find a 35 minute video showing the fanmade film. And seriously, it is such a treat.

The story goes with Joker escaping from Arkham once more. This time, he successfully killed the parents of another child, leaving him orphaned. Bruce feeling that similar pain confronts and tracks him once more, and to question himself what was he become.

Its amazing to know that this is from a fanmade film. It trumps the sequels that was during the Clooney era, stands on par with Kilmer and Keaton, and is so close to Nolan's effort. Its truly outstanding. heck, even the gadgets make the detective look damn rich. And that was actually fun (I want the Batpod!)

The script feels fresh and we're mostly treated to a monologue of Batman questioning himself (Not gonna spoil anything). The score is lovely and quite haunting at times. While the shots may be its weakest point sadly. It does feel messy a little but perhaps it works to show the grit of Gotham.

The cast did a lovely job. Batman fits (even better than Bale's) and the Joker is nice (Sorry, Heath is still the best in my book when it comes to mischief and haunting). The rest of the case is also good where you have Harley Quinn, The Ventriloquist joining the lovely ensemble.

heck, I was even blown away by the stunt and fight scenes. It was really fun to watch.

But alas, the real point to bring out is how the story really does, and it fits well. It makes us question yet the answer lies with Batman himself.

Overall, i'd recommend 35 minutes of your time for this film. It is truly spectacular and I give kudos to the guys who did this. Congratz, you have made Bob Kane, and his legion of fans proud. :D

Kyo's score: 8/10. Truly a wonderful effort. If you're interested with other fan made stuff, go to youtube and find the Joker interrogation scene. The one with 13 million views. You'll know why. :P

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