Friday, August 20, 2010

When the PS3 gets Hacked: Kyo's View

Word buzzing around the Internet is that some fellows from OzModChips were successful on hacking the PS3. What does this actually mean?

Well, for starter games can now be backed up. That's the polite term. The harsher terms, games can also be downloaded and pirated. Good for those who want to back up their games (although to be frank, I haven't seen my BDs spoilt so far and still see no reason why I should back it up since I believe in it), but maybe bad for developers who built games just to get ripped off by gamers who are cheap. And we know how the whole world is cheap.

Good also that it'll lead to homebrew developments. Or even cheats. I'm not sure how, but it sounds and looks like it should work. To a good advantage. Maybe Sony should have done something like Apple and Google by providing a market for micro apps. Who knows eh?

What do I think from all this? Personally, after telling myself to quit piracy for so long, I couldn't be bothered. I don't have a problem on where I can get my original games and I don't mind shelling the extra cash to get it. I live in a 2 room house with my parents and sister, so I'm nowhere near rich. And I drive a bike to work, that tells you how cheap I am.

But I stand by being responsible. This is my effort on being a civilized man who doesn't need to resort to crime like what I have done before. Its a shameful thing, but i'll leave that as memories.

So, regardless of what happens, this is nowhere going to affect me. Besides, my Yakuza 4 is coming anyways. Nowhere near fazed. :P


HiFi said...

I agree. If the games are paid for, they're appreciated more. Instead there is this culture of playing games once and replacing them by virtue of there being free pirated games in every corner. Still, a lot has to be said about retail upmarking by the middle men. (and taxes) Good post! I agree with you.

metroid_dragon said...

The only reason I don't mind the pirating now is because Sony removed Linux from their PS3's in an earlier attempt to stop the hacking of their consoles. This removal also lost us the ability to install our own OS and by virtue homebrew apps. So now i someone legitimately wants to hack the console for homebrew I have no beef with that. However I concur that pirating should be avoided. I purchase near all my games as I like to support the developers that put a lot of time and effort into making the games I enjoyed.