Monday, October 18, 2010

The Other Guys: Movie Review

Ever wondered why you were always the sidekick and never the hero? (Life situation applies entirely) Well, meet the other guys. That's you right there jumping with guns toting at shooting at bad guys. Well, before this you always had to sit on a desk doing paperwork. Feels shitty don't it? Well, that's also the movie in some ways. How it started was so nice that it was badly done in the end.

The Other Guys comprise of Detective Allen Gamble (Will Ferrell) and Detective Terry Hoitz (Mark Wahlberg. WOOT!). 1 loves his desk pushing papers and developing Iphone apps (Faceback. Seriously. Cool) and the other, well, a disgraced detective who shot some baseball players knee and cost him his job. Owh, and he learned dancing, sarcastically to mock people. And he's fantastic at it too. That's a laugh out loud riot.

The story comes when 2 of the best police officers took a leap of faith into their deaths. IDIOTS. Well, that's Samuel L Jackson and Dwayne Johnson right there. When they died, the other guys gotta get up. So, they tried, and ended up uncovering something much bigger than they did expect.

What I loved about this movie? Its jokes are nice. (Wooden gun!) Michael Keaton was AWESOME, then again as always. And having Dwayne and Sam at the beginning was really cool and fun to watch. Marky Mark may have found his muse as a tough guy in a comedy. No kidding, ever since Date Night he was still in awesome mode. I don't know how the Fighter is going to look like but hey who knows?

However... the real problem was how sour the editing was done. Seriously, it was so horrible that it did not work well in so many ways. You get high moments, and then uber low. It was utter rubbish. It completely marred the whole movie experience. I'm gonna agree with another that Hot Fuzz would be the best choice.

So if you still wanna watch it, go for the early part, leave in the half way. The Good GUys win. Done. No need to spend more time on this.

Kyo's score: 6/10. If it weren't for the characters who worked their asses off, I would've left.

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