Monday, October 18, 2010

Devil: Movie Review

As a Muslim, I believe in the existence of many things. Satan, Jin, Ghosts, and so on of other worldly things. So I'm not surprised with the movie Devil really. The Devil can be anything or anyone. And the Devil will always be there to mislead. So when it comes to this movie, why the Devil choose an elevator to trap 5 strangers and execute them one at a time?

The story is basically the Devil taking 5 wretched souls to hell. The best part, among the 5, one of them is the Devil itself. Can you trust the person next to you then?

When it comes to the story, i would M Night deserves a "boleh tahan lah" rating. Its quite an old story of perhaps good vs evil, and why mankind should also do good and abstain from evil. But I can't help but feel that all this feels a little too cheesy. but perhaps that's just me. Though, that's not really my main gripe considering how M Night has been pure shit the past few movies.

My main gripe however was the dialogue. The script all felt cheesy. Its not charming in its own entirety. In fact, the only time I remembered the dialogue was fantastic was when the Devil revealed itself as... one of the members in the lift. I won't tell you who, but I love the quote that the Devil said. In fact, the Devil would probably be the only smartest being in the whole movie. Everyone else including the detective didn't do much to convince that everyone is to be judged.

So, for an average story and bad scripting issues, I can give this a pass. I have hated horror movies for quite a while now. But this does feel like the same ranks as other crappy Malay Horror movies I've seen (Then again, like there was any good Malay horror film made so far.).

Kyo's Score: 5/10. Honestly, I left the theatre just asking forgiveness from Allah for all that I did. For only He can forgive for all my sins.

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