Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rango: Movie Review

This is one awesome little lizard. When wanting to die he cheated death. When trying to be an actor, he ends up being something bigger and larger than life. That's the story of the lizard who calls himself... Rango...

Rango is a pet lizard who, sadly, after a car had ran over a tenggiling (i can't remember the english name. :P) was cast out in the dessert which the location I shall not name. After the tenggiling asked it to go to Dirt, a town for animals. Ok correction, a Western town, he ends up being the local sheriff, not knowing any clue whatsoever to be one. He is however, an actor, and believes he can be anything. But there is a conspiracy going on, and our hero is about to get more than he just bargained for.

Being voiced by Johnny Depp, Rango hits the right places everywhere. Not too cocky and not too shabby either, Depp does wonders for Rango. Sadly though, there are just moments when I think Depp isn't doing enough. The rest cast however did just ok though.

But the real charm is not the VAs. Rather, its the direction and the story that was beautifully told. Perhaps at some points its cliched and the movie was meant for kids (It came from Nicklodeon). But all that Gore Verbinski did was none of that. It felt quite matured even. The values and the morals to be taught to all of us, and not just kids. Kids wouldn't get bored because of its fast pace and people would be thrilled and cheering for Rango.

So from a passable script to a wonderful direction, don't give this a miss. The score plays out well and you would feel satisfied of the story. But it might be a shame if the movie wants to have a sequel later, since it is done just fine.

Kyo's Score: 8.5/10. A surprising fun time. It really was.


gungrave1988 said...

I think tenggiling is called Armadillo and Rango is a chameleon.
The movie was not bad. Had fun watching it

Pure Raver said...

Thank you for correcting that. haha. Ah yes, Rango's a chameleon. a failed chameleon though. haha.

gungrave1988 said...

No problem.(^_^)