Wednesday, March 23, 2011

True Grit: Movie Review

I like the gunshot on the poster. It somehow looks cool and fitting to the poster. Its more like a throwback to the old days where Western posters would just be something so simple. And wanted posters are even worst. But regardless of the posters you see, True Grit is something you must see. Especially with its breathtaking shots.

The story begins with Mattie Ross (An amazing Hailee Steinfeld) handling the funeral of his father. Knowing the murderer, she goes to Marshall Rooster Cogburn (A well done Jeff Bridges) in search of Tom Chaney (Totally underutilized Josh Brolin). Along the way, they were met with a Texas Ranger of Lebouf (Matt Damon) and the three set to find a little girl's revenge.

Does the story sound basic to you? Cliche? Well, it could be since its a remake of the original True Grit also of the same story. But is it satisfying? Thanks to the Jeff and Hailee, hell yes. Hailee steals every scene available and you will marvel at her with the fact that she's so young and so matured for her role (She's 14 when she shot the movie).

The script and the shots were even something that I couldn't expect to be such a miracle either. Witty and beautiful, great combo. Score wasn't that mesmerizing or memorable sadly.

But the lowest point is seeing how Matt Damon came out as average and Josh Brolin was totally underutilized for his role. Its like he could have done something else better instead though.

I think I would have said as much as I need already. Stop my reading and go!

Kyo's Score: 9/10. Good old Westerns always excite me. :D

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