Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The King's Speech: Movie Review

Ah... What a great feeling to know The King's Speech is totally uncensored and totally given a chance to be aired in Malaysia. And even better to know it won the Oscar for Best Picture. That's certainly something. And nonetheless, the award is deserving. :D

Before he was King George 6th (A well deserved win for Colin Firth), he was the Duke of York. Before he even was the Duke of York, he was, a stammer. A very bad stammer. And imagine the fact that a King would stammer when giving his speech. Actually, I'm even surprised he has a wife (A very lovely Helena Bonham Carter). But due to this, he went into so much of professional help, but to no avail, until, came Lionel Logue (A wonderfully constructed Captain Barbossa and totally mesmerizing. Its Geoffrey Rush lah). Not only did Logue managed to make Bertie (King George's real name of Albert) to forget he had stammer problems, Logue was even knighted for his help to the King. This, is his journey to the speech he will deliver during the War against Hitler.

And what a wonderful journey it is. Delivered in such finesse (I still think Darren should win best Director though) and charm that makes you feel at home. The moment you see the Duke of York stammer you can understand that it felt so real, everyone was not confident of him at all. All thanks to the marvelous Colin Firth portraying how stammering is such an issue, not only to a king, but even to a common man.

The script is so witty that it is really on par with The Social Network. So both won no doubt. The cinematography is at times however, hit and miss. The reason being that most shots want you to know that the characters are thinking of something (Placed on far left or right), but some are ruined by over close up.

And I think that's the only flaw of the whole movie. Not only does it presents a witty script, it is accompanied by a simple yet truly lovely score that warms your heart. Everyone played a lovely role and it makes for a fitting place for every character to be. The questions and ethical issues posed are even wonderful enough that it gives you moments to think. And I just really love the script. You'll find yourself loving that cursing is a wonderful way of curing stammers. but i 'll leave the rest of the movie for your viewing.

Enough of my chitchat. If you hate movies with long talks, give this a miss. But if you want your heart to soar high, give it a go.

Kyo's Score: 9.5/10. WOOT!

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