Monday, October 13, 2008

Flight of the Living Dead: Movie Review

Lets make a few things clear. 1, I hate horror movies. I hate getting shocked by scenes that makes my heart race to the death of me. 2, I hate how I can't anticipate what's going to happen and when it is going to happen.

Which is why this movie sucks.

I watched this at Astro 8 MONTHS AGO. That is if I remember it correctly, but I know it was way before it even got released in Malaysia. Story's simple, an aircraft is carrying a corpse carrying a virus that turns one into a zombie. Turbulence happened, and the people suffer. Simple. Like snakes in a plane, but this one has less story, less shocks, and totally is dull.

I said this movie sucks because of what viewers want. There's no shock. There's nothing creepy. And you already know what's going to happen in the end. Though the pace might be fine, everything else feels hampered. And don't get me started on those fright scenes with the actors. They feel lame enough.

Thinking of watching it? Get an Astro. Seriously. Avoid the movie at best. If you need a good place to sleep and snore in, the movie hall should provide ample comfort.


pinkrain said...

"get an astro" (ash, 2008)

Pure Raver said...

What the heck? my line became a quotation? :P