Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Megaman 9: Wiiware Review

You don't wanna be in that situation, but this is what you will most probably see most of the time while gracing Megaman 9. And let me tell you, to sum up the value of the Wii Points spent on this, is truly pure bliss.

The story itself is simple too. After peace was restored, all of a sudden all robots made by Dr. Light, or Megaman's creator all went haywire. Dr. Wily accused Dr. Light of doing so, and now wants to save the world instead, that is if you help him fund his bank account. Sensing amiss, Megaman then goes to investigate, in full 8 bit glory.

Now, I did say glory, so the graphics is definitely out of the question. Besides, Capcom decided to go back to 8 bit, and released it in 360 and PS3 too. And still, it's more than worth it, in my honest opinion, to be in the Wii.

Control is very simple. You use the Classic Controller, or the Wii Remote held horizontally, which would be homage to us gamers of the 80's. You jump and shoot, and make way to the boss. Rinse and repeat. No dash, no charged shot, no fancy armor, just Megaman, and his trusted weapons, owh and a few more little goodies thrown in.

This game has a to do list for us gamers to earn bragging rights, besides posting time attack scores. That and collecting bolts in the stages allows you to buy E tanks to help fight the game further, and even unlock classic costumes. There are additional content downloadable, so make sure not to miss the Protoman content, it makes the game tougher.

Speaking of tough, this game is just about it. It's so tough that you know you'd throw the controller to the TV. But the reward of beating it, and it is Megaman classic, just makes it well more worth it for the 1000 Wii Points spent on.

Glitches of the old are definitely there. you'd see annoying enemies pop in again and again when you decide to turn back, and in fact even killing bosses without having to lift a finger. Such things do happen, but hey, it's Megaman, what's the point of fighting bosses without working out?

In all honesty, this is 1000 points well spent. In fact, the value is more than enough to compensate for the points spent. For gamers, let not the 8 bit graphics fool you. This game will take you spinning in circles until you know that beating the bosses again and again, is why you decided to take on Megaman 9. Long Live 8 Bit GRAPHICS!

The Score: A great 9.0 out of 10.


adib said...

sweet :D megaman 9 looks awesome, good ol' 8-bit graphics :D and hardcore side scrolling. They need to make more megaman games like this :P good review man.

Pure Raver said...

I really do wish they make more of this. Even if in 8 bit. :D