Thursday, October 09, 2008

Tekken 6: Arcade Review

After winning the Tekken 5 tournament, Jin Kazama takes over Mishima Corporation, and out of nowhere unleashes hell to the world. While G Corporation, seen as a savior to the world, steps in to help, lead by Kazuya Mishima. Father seems to be going at son for i'm unsure of what reasons, but the Arcade version of Tekken 6 doesn't really put any emphasis on story for each and every fighter. Rather, it's a time attack of sorts.

I had my rounds with Kazuya, and I'm impressed with the graphics. Even when it's displayed on a Sony Bravia 32 inch HDTV, which can only spin out 720p, it's still looks sharp and magnificent. The moves look fresh, and new moves are added into the foray, besides new characters.

The only problem worth noting is the excessive juggle system implemented. So, get your gloves in and prepared. You won't like it when someone flies you up in the air.

To walk you through the stages, you fight for 8 rounds, and then coming into the bonus round, which u fight against a big robot. Once the robot is done, The King Of Iron Fist, Jin Kazama presents himself and battles it out with you. After that, comes the real boss, Azazel, a sort of monster from some pyramid tomb.

I must say I enjoyed playing this. It's available at Sogo 8th Floor. You might wanna invest on Tekken 6 cards so to save your character and buy numerous costumes to put a little personal style to your character. Currently, the price for 1 game cost RM1, for 2 tokens. And the card costRM15 each. So have a blast while you still can. Jin awaits.

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