Monday, October 27, 2008

Bangkok Dangerous: Movie Review

There are many ways to call a typical action movie. For growing up kids like me, there used to be lots of shots and lots dead bodies lying around. And that's pretty much that. So that's what Bangkok Dangerous is too. Just the problem is a little bit lesser on the bullets though.

Nicolas Cage plays as Joe, a hitman who's too lonely as it seems in this remake of the Pang Brothers same movie and same title to it. So, he gets an assignment, to kill 4 men in Thailand. And he always plays by his rule. Well, until he got to Bangkok that is. Having Kong as a messenger, his life starts to go tumbling around him, and it even includes a romantic interest in the name of Fon. The tagline "Nothing's more dangerous than a hitman with nothing to lose" is actually a huge diversion to the whole movie itself.

The movie is actually about a hitman trying to be humanistic again. Being too lonely, he gets himself a student, which he actually thinks of him as a friend, though he doesn't say it. And then there's about love, where all of a sudden a hitman decides to reignite his senses about love. So yeah, it's actually a movie about that, rather than about a hitman on the verge of killing everyone who he doesn't really care about.

The action is ok. It's not bad, but it's better than Max Payne. But then the whole movie is a little confusing. It's actually about a hitman on revenge, or about a hitman out to be human? This is a really big problem actually. And then there's how weak it is to see the sidekick of the main villain's acting. It just feels a little dissapointing. And Cage, well he does some flaws, especially when he decides to go full blown with his enemy during the waterboat scene. So much for being a stealth hitman.

So yeah, though everything is done nicely in the other, the flaws i mentioned just makes it like another typical action movie, that I sadly can't even say for the action junkie. I didn't get my fix, that's for sure. But if you're interested to see plans executedly brilliantly after The Dark Knight, this should be good. And if you want to be a hitman too, go ahead, there's some lessons to be learned.

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