Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quantum of Solace: Movie Review

The 22nd Bond movie is a sequel, which I believe has never been done before, more so the story being like a trilogy of some sort (Hollywood trend?). It starts with a big bang, but ends in a low note for practically everyone who watched the movie. It might not be as great as Casino Royale, but it still fits as Ian Flemming's James Bond.

After Vesper's death, Bond decides to pursue the people that were responsible. In vengeance mode, he stumbles with Dominic Greene, a man who has a very huge link to a corporation that even MI6 has never heard off. The story goes on to introduce Camille with her own personal vengeance, and the two may be able to pull it off just right.

People complained a whole lot that Bond doesn't deliver this time, because Casino Royale was way too exciting to watch. My dad calls it the lousiest Bond film ever, and my mother thinks it's just dull to watch comparing with Casino Royale. As for me, it has some great thrills, but ending on a low note without making us feel that there is more to develop on is what makes this Bond a bit disappointing.

And Bond this time, is a little more quiter than he was before. Perhaps it's a more wiser approach. Smooth and charming is the Bond label, and this one is almost accurate. Olga works as the new Bond girl, and she works pretty well. Gemma Artenton, though very brief, also works as the 2nd Bond girl. Mathieu, urm, sadly, does not look much evil. In fact, Le Chiffre was much more bad ass, and I grew to like that one better as a demonic evil enshrouded in a cunning face.

The rest of the supporting cast did great jobs. The shots were well made. the action was a little hit and miss, especially the climactic part that didn't feel logical. And they should've stuck with Bond using an Aston Martin. That car was made for Bond.

So, should you watch it? Well, if it's on a wednesday, then yes. The money paid in full wouldn't really do full justice until we wait for the 23rd movie. And so with this review, I hope the next director and his writers find a way to put Bond back in the limelight. Because I'd rather rewatch Casino Royale over, and over again.

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