Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa : Movie Review

I don't like to move it move it. Even though I moved it moved it. And then I laughed out on it. And I like to ah, review it! Surely this movie hits in some parts, but the impact the same felt with the first movie, which was a little more than a passing grade.

So Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman wanna go back to New York. Turns out, they crash landed (It definitely was not kissing the ground with just a peck) in Africa, which turns out, to be the home of Alex when he was younger. Marty finds his, creepy herd. Melman becomes a witch doctor, and Gloria is out looking for love, in a very cool and convincing Moto Moto done by Will.I.Am. But problems arise, and the gang, still looking for a way home, is still getting into too much of it.

There's a case with comedy nowadays. If you've seen Disaster Movie, you will know how totally outrageous and blindfully dumb the comedy was, though it raked in millions. The same case applies here, but in redeeming quality this one actually does it way better. The dumb syndrome still persist, but scenes including new characters are practically the one that work best. Parodies were done in an OK manner, and as I've said, some scenes hit, some miss.

King Julien gets more air time, and his only performance that felt miraculous was the sacrifice part. Mort became more annoying, but still managed to be tolerable. The penguins are always over the top and amazing. While the main characters, probably Gloria and Melman work best. And the romance clicked too, amidst all the chaotic humor going on.

This will most probably make kids laugh for sure. Alex is adorable, Marty shows some spunk, Gloria punch things up in a beat, and Melman, though silent, works well in his scenes. So brings the kids for laughter, but just for their laughter. The average adult won't find much to attach themselves to, but it's a fun family ride when all of you are together.

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