Thursday, November 06, 2008

Tropic Thunder: Movie Review

What a sad state of shows. Not that this movie is bad, but there's only 5 screenings allocated for most theaters. Nothing more than 7 or 8 considering how great this movie is compared to Bangkok Dangerous. But nonetheless, this is a work of great humor with minor flaws indeed.

Ben Stiller goes director, writer and actor for this movie of his about 3 actors making a film about a "true" war story. After the director is blown up, they then believe they are still in a movie but actually against a bunch of terrorist in the jungles. that's where everything goes on a loose and kaboom.

Downey Jr. was fantastic of course. Playing as an Australian who went through a pigmentation operation to be a black man, he pulled off his role really well and brought me to tears with his humor. Black was fantastic, but didn't really feel fully utilised as an addict. Then there's Stiller, who worked well for the movie.

The shots were great, and the effects are cool. The scripting didn't feel cheezy, although 1 can understand why the word retard had offended a bunch of people. It was not properly censored, which of course ridiculous. And then there's Matthew McC0naughey and Tom Cruise. Matthew was sheer ridiculousness, which is of course very great. Tom Cruise is even more crazier. I can hear show me the money repeatedly in my head.

The problem was a few scenes felt hits and misses. Though some worked well, some others just doesn't feel complete and could have been developed further. What you see in the trailer doesn't really add everything into it. But still, this movie shouldn't be missed.

A screening on its own is great. But to go for a second I wouldn't really recommend due to censorships and all. So tell yourself that you lose 2 hands and fake about a war that you haven't been in, cuz Tropic Thunder will blow your hands, and stomachs off.


madmoz said...

ok, gonna go watch this now... if it sucks i'm gonna bug you forever :lol:

Pure Raver said...

LOL. If that was the case, I'd happy to be bugged all the time. :D

madmoz said...

just got back from the cinema... not too bad at all, a pity the 007 movie is hogging most screens.
censorship does spoil some scenes though.

Pure Raver said...

Yup, that's spot on alrite. But what to do, 007's got popularity. But Bangkok Dangerous was what I was ashamed at. :D