Sunday, November 23, 2008

Impak Maksima The Musical: Theater Review

What do you do with a car on stage? Well, the only thing you can do is probably Donuts or 360s. And that was what exactly happened at yesterday's last day of Impak Maksima The Musical at Istana Budaya. The result, was definitely mixed.

The story revolves around DK, the guy who is the current Drift King. Along the way the story progresses to make DK go to battle with Ray, the antagonist, include love interest Ika and ends with the death of DK.

So there are only minor parts of the dialogue, and lots of parts for the singing. And to say about the singing, certain songs felt not so well, while some others worked like a blooming flower. The real stealers of the show are Dynaz, the guy portraying Amran, and Dina. The rest are actually, so so. Zul Huzaimy's parts are certain hits and misses. Zarina AF is also another.

The props are alright. Heavy with marketing (even the scripting) but still does well to generate some great looks. Lighting effects were also great, and also makes great use of the depth of the stage. One of the main problems, is how the story does not progress well and feels more like a love story rather than, a true blooded racing musical (which is actually achievable).

Though it was the last day, this review will serve it's purpose as a reminder. It is a great effort to put Malaysians into the theater scene, and I may only hope for further improvements in the upcoming plays from other directors. Though the story is weak, the price of admission would be worth RM20 or RM30 to get a real value out of the play. Good job, but you'll need more than just donuts to impress people.

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