Sunday, April 12, 2009

Don't buy from this guy!

If the title caught your attention, it means that you are looking for the guy who you're not supposed to buy from. But actually, this article is about how I realised that gamers are also looking for arbitrage opportunities when it comes to games too.

If you don't understand what arbitrage is, read on. Before I went back to KL and did my business back home, I noticed that there was a guy in the forum I frequent who is telling the world that they should not buy from this particular person (lets call him Aminor). The reason here was because Aminor buys from different people, and then sells back the games at a higher price, perhaps by RM10 or RM20. In other words, the guy was pissed off because of how he feels that Aminor is actually cheating the people of their money.

Aminor is not doing so.

Arbitraging, if you noticed, is the act of looking for a mispricing on a product. It would mean that if you believe this certain item is wrongly priced, you can profit from it by buying it, and then perhaps selling it back at something that is of equal value. So, did Aminor did anything wrong? Of course not. He saw the opportunity and reacted. Apparently, people who believe that such act is wrong, is only saying so because they are jealous that Aminor can sell at a higher price and get what should have been the original seller's profit.

Arbitraging happens all the time. its a shame that certain people find themselves mislead by how the world really works and blame others for their inequity of being aware to what value a game can provide. So to sum it up, to the people who "think" they've been cheated, wake up and learn rather than making people think others are evil. You have much to learn.


HenryLow said...

totally agreed. it's a business nature. the animor did nothing wrong.

Pure Raver said...

Ey Henry, how's Rock Band doing for ya? :p

Well i guess that's just how people want to point fingers still and not learn from what they did wrong.

HenryLow said...

stop rockband for sometime already. now trying to getting all trophies in my games.

and ya, what i can say here is, they jealous on aminor got such opportunities. :p

il!s Closet said...

there is nothing wrong with this, i even do arbitraging in my boutique business.